13 Reasons Pasta Is The Best Food Ever

Carbs! Is there really anything better?

1. 13. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors

Wikipedia / Via en.wikipedia.org

No discrimination here!

2. 12. It’s good any time of the day

3. 11. It’s Comforting After A Wild Night

Kraft / Via wikihow.com

Orangey, powdery, goodness

4. 10. It’s good for all ages

5. 9. There Are Healthy Options

6. 8. It’s Popular Among Chefs

7. 7. And Those Less Experienced Foodies

Does boiling water count as cooking?

8. 6. It’s Fun To Make

9. 5. And So Much Fun To Play With!

10. 4. Because The Options Are Endless!

12. 2. It Pairs Well With Wine

Like you need another reason to drink wine.

13. 1. Because What’s Better Than A Big Bowl Of Delicious Carbs?

The answer is nothing!

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