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Amazing Video Of Two Syrian Teens Rapping About Reconciliation Not War

Amongst civil war, two teenagers in the city of Manbej, Syria rap about peace and reconciliation, not violence.

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As the Syrian Civil War continues, and with peace looking dim on the horizon between the Assad government and the Free Syrian Army, it seems amazing that memorialization and reconciliation projects could be happening.

Yet in the city of Manbej, Syria, that is exactly what is occurring.

Shabab Al Watan ("Youth of Homeland") is a grassroots community based memorialization and reconciliation project based in Manbej, Syria. The members of the organization hold community based events, especially with young people, that work towards: reconciliation even amongst the continual struggle in Syria, the pursuit of truth, ensuring non-repetition of violations, and opening dialogue between all people. For more information on this project and others, go to the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience Blog: Memorialization in Manbej.

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