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27 Times "The Office" Got Way Too Real

Dunder Mifflin forever.

1. When Michael realized Erin saw him as a father figure.

2. When Jim finally admitted his feelings for Pam, only to get rejected.

3. When Andy reminisced about his time at Dunder Mifflin.

4. When Jim empathized with Dwight about the feeling of seeing the woman you love with someone else.

5. When Michael planned the perfect proposal for Holly.

6. When Michael convinced Jim to never lose faith in love.

7. When the entire office teamed up to perform a goodbye song for Michael.

8. When Dwight tried to convince Angela to settle down with him.

9. When Andy longed for his father's approval but was met with disappointment.

10. When Jim realized his wedding was years in the making.

11. And then when he cut his tie in an effort to cheer up Pam.

12. When everyone caught a glimpse of Michael's lonely childhood.

13. And then when Michael realized his life didn't exactly turn out how he pictured it would.

14. When Erin was reunited with her birth parents.

15. When Jim and Pam were willing to admit their marriage needed some work.

16. When Michael showed up to Pam's art show.

17. And then when Pam showed up to say goodbye to Michael.

18. When Dwight got choked up as he read Michael's recommendation letter.

19. When Michael struggled to accept Ed Truck's death.

20. When Pam realized her childhood dreams of owning a house with a terrace and being an artist were impractical.

21. When Toby lamented on the fact that he was forever alone.

22. When Pam found Jim's list of winners and losers.

23. When Michael perfectly described the pain and uncertainty that comes along with being single.

24. When Kevin got everyone's parking spots back and reveled in his small victory.

25. When Phyllis urged Dwight to stop pining over Angela.

26. When Michael showed up to Dwight's wedding and couldn't resist the urge to crack a joke.

27. And finally, when Jim and Michael said their parting words.