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24 Times Tumblr Took Its Guy Fieri Obsession Way Too Far

*Logs out and burns computer.*

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1. When someone began to imagine a world with Mr. Fieri as our president.

2. When the magazine industry finally recognized Mr. Fieri as a true hottie.

3. When someone drew three valiant heroes: Paul Blart, Shrek, and his majesty Guy Fieri.

4. And then made the holy trifecta dance it out.


5. When someone decided to plaster their lock screen with the single worst picture on the internet.

6. When someone brought zodiac signs into this whole mess.

7. When you were reminded that people – like onions – have layers.

8. And emotions.


9. When someone came up with a disturbing explanation for Mr. Fieri's bronze complexion.

10. When a classic work of art took a trip to Flavor Town.

11. When you were encouraged to make a wish and blow on Mr. Fieri's frosted tips.

12. When someone realized that Mr. Fieri's facial expressions are just ~so~ relatable.


13. When you couldn't get this mental picture out of your head.

14. Whatever the hell this is.

15. When someone created a super rare rendering of Mr. Fieri.

16. When this person knew exactly what you need to visualize to get ~in the mood~.


17. When you couldn't risk NOT reblogging this chain.

18. When someone realized their love for Mr. Fieri was unrequited.

19. When someone's idea of a romantic evening looked like a total nightmare.

20. When you longed for the day your soul would finally gain entry to the holy place.


21. When this beautiful montage brought a tear to your eye.

22. When someone came up with this inevitable addition to the Fast and Furious franchise.

23. When someone invented the perfect way to respond to unwanted sexts.

24. And finally, when Mr. Fieri (with the help of comic sans) encouraged you to try your best.

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