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    24 Times Little Mix Redefined Squad Goals

    ♫ Representing all the women, salute, salute! ♫

    1. When they totally owned their ability to make silly faces.

    2. When Perrie noted that they act as each other's support system through it all.

    3. When you had no idea if they were at the airport or walking down a runway.

    4. When they called upon Jade to share her sick dance moves with the world.

    5. When they posed with their own poster and proved they're really just a bunch of big dorks.

    6. When they were overcome by the cheesiness of Perrie's jokes.

    7. When they were well aware of the unspoken rules of Snapchat.

    8. When Jade gushed over Jesy's engagement.

    9. When they shared their favorite things about each other.

    10. When they looked like the cutest lil' nerds ever while filming the "Black Magic" music video.

    11. When they showed off their artistic side and proudly drew each other.

    12. When Jade and Perrie gave you #momgoals and brought their mothers to a Beyoncé concert.

    13. When Perrie revealed that her musical abilites aren't just limited to singing.

    14. When Jesy decided to interrupt a very important nap/cuddle session.

    15. When they had the selfie game down to a science.

    16. When they wished Leigh-Anne a happy birthday...

    ...the best way they know how...

    ...through song, of course!

    17. When they dropped everything to comfort Perrie after she broke down on stage.

    18. When you both feared and admired their badass grunge look.

    19. When they poked fun at Leigh-Anne for her major brain fart.

    20. When they invited Oliva freakin' Pope to join their crew.

    21. When Jesy explained why she's proud of the message their music sends to fans.

    22. When they each rocked a different print and brought their fashion game to the next level.

    23. When they proved there's no such thing as TMI when it comes to their friendship.

    And boundaries? Yeah, those don't exist either.

    24. And finally, when the other girls looked incredibly proud to hear Perrie say she's doing well.

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