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24 Reasons We'll Never Get Over Meredith And Derek

"Pick me. Choose me. Love me." *Spoilers ahead.*

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Let’s begin with some music to set the mood.

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1. For starters, their relationship began in the unlikeliest of ways: a drunken one-night-stand.

2. But grew into a loving partnership.

3. It was adorable to watch them interact at work after sleeping together.


5. They had a telepathic connection that few understand.


8. They had a thing for steamy elevator makeouts.

9. As well as awkward elevator encounters.

10. And who could forget the romantic elevator proposal?

11. They weren't afraid to act silly.


13. They didn’t need a big wedding to commemorate their love.

15. Derek was willing to fight for Meredith.


16. Likewise, Meredith was willing to fight to prove they should be together.

18. They had to work at it every day.

19. And make sacrifices.


21. They should have had a lifetime together.

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