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23 Times "How I Met Your Mother" Got Way, Way Too Real

The show wasn't just legendary, it was deep.

1. When Ted realized there was no point in settling in a relationship.

2. When Lily ran out on Marshall and Ted was left to pick up the pieces.

3. When Ted grappled with the idea of his children being without their mother.

4. When Barney realized that Robin didn't break up with Kevin, and the look on his face revealed his misery.

5. When Ted offered his heartbreaking definition of the word love.

6. When Barney realized that he had fallen in love with someone other than himself.

7. When Ted described how physically painful it was for him to learn that the love of his life was engaged to someone else.


8. When Lily was painfully honest about the struggles of adapting to motherhood.

9. And when she wrestled with the idea that she didn't live up to her full potential.

10. When Ted realized he couldn't just be friends with Robin.

11. When Barney struggled to forgive his dad for walking out on him.

12. When all Ted wanted was 45 extra days with the woman he loved.

13. When Marshall and Lily vowed to love Marvin unconditionally.


14. And then when they realized their friends are their family.

15. When Robin revealed the secret to a successful relationship.

16. When Barney was optimistic about his future with Robin.

17. When Marshall got the earth-shattering news that his father died.

18. And then listened to his father's last words to him.

19. When Ted urged Robin to trust the unpredictability of life.

20. When Robin began to imagine what her life would be like with kids, only to find out she was infertile.

21. When Barney's life changed as he held his daughter for the first time.

22. When Ted got the painful lesson that not every great love lasts forever.

23. And finally, when Ted made peace with the past and reunited with Robin.