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20 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Every Only Child

No, we're not all spoiled rotten.

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1. When you had to use your imagination to pass the time:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild Treating stuffed animals like humans because you had no one to play with

2. When you felt oddly protective of your personal belongings:

#growingupanonlychild when friends come to your house and they start touching you stuff without asking first

3. When you had no one to spread Christmas cheer with:

#GrowingUpOnlyChild having your parents awkwardly watch you while you open your christmas presents

4. And when you received a present you knew you could never use:

#growingupanonlychild opening a gift and it's a board game that requires 2+ players


5. When you tried to avoid having to third wheel on your parents:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild "can I bring a friend on vacation?"

6. When your entire house was a creepy shrine to your childhood:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild en casa hay un shrine mío (los cuadros están bien virados wow)

7. When you learned to carry on conversations with yourself:

#growingupanonlychild talking to yourself more than you would like to admit

8. When you had no idea how to respond when your friends argued with their siblings:

when u go over ur friends house &they start fighting with their siblings and ur kinda just like #GrowingUpAnOnlyChild


9. And when you relished the fact that you didn't have to deal with that type of drama:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild seeing your cousins fight for their mom's attention while you're just like...

10. When you were so used to your independence that working with others was a total adjustment:

Struggling to work in groups during school bc you knew you work best yourself and everyone else just holds you back #GrowingUpAnOnlyChild

11. When you had no one to blame for your mistakes:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild when you get in trouble with your parents but you have no one to blame or back you up

12. When you became an expert at games that didn't require another player:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild getting ridiculously good at solitaire bc every other card game required at least two people.


13. And when you figured out how modify other games so you could play by yourself:

14. When you did everything in your power to bring your imaginary friends to life:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild trying to get a sibling like

15. When it felt slightly unnatural to hang out with people your own age:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild not getting along with anyone your own age because you're only used to interacting with adults

16. When people assume that you were ridiculously spoiled:

"DOES BEING THE ONLY CHILD MEAN YOU GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT" the fuck who told you that shit #GrowingUpAnOnlyChild


17. When you accepted the fact that your sibling just happened to have four legs and a tail:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild treating your dog like a human because he's the closest thing you have to a brother

18. When you had to come up with your own form of entertainment:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild when you weren't allowed to go to a friends house and you had to stay home and play by yourself

19. When you began to wonder what your life would be like with a brother or a sister:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild every one swears your lucky. But you high key wish you had siblings 😕

20. And finally, when you're unable to participate in unofficial Instagram holidays:

#GrowingUpAnOnlyChild Seeing other people post about their siblings on National Sibling Day

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