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17 "Harry Potter" Headcanons That Will Change How You Read The Books

These fan theories will give you the ~feels~.

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1. On Ginny proving that females are strong as hell:

2. On Mrs. Weasley getting the recognition she deserves:


3. On muggleborns beating wizards at their own game:

4. On Draco's greatest fear:


5. On Disney taking Hogwarts by storm:

6. On Mrs. Weasley's sweaters becoming the latest trend:


7. On Professor McGonagall deciding she has had enough:

8. On Alice Longbottom's verbal breakthough:


9. On Dumbledore's ulterior motives:

10. On the tributes to the deceased:


11. On Christmas with the Weasleys:

12. On the origin of the Room of Requirement:


13. On Dean and Seamus finding happiness:

14. On Crookshanks' real identity:


15. On George's wedding:

16. On Sirius' last moments:

17. And finally, on the man behind all the headcanons:

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