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    6 Ways To Let History Inspire Your Makeup

    Past decades sometimes repeat themselves. On your face. (Wait, what?)

    1920s: Brooding Eyes

    The Roaring Twenties saw an influx of sultry, smokey-eyed dames with small, pouty lips. The look is easy to recreate by following the tutorial here.

    1940s: A Strong Lip

    Deep burgundy/rose lipsticks paired with simple, understated eye makeup creates a phenomenally classic look that is actually timeless. Check out how to accomplish the strong lip here.

    1950s: Cat-Eyes and Lips that POP

    Liquid liner is absolutely your friend when recreating the '50s look – as is that fire-engine red lipstick. Get some ideas on creating your own pinup-worthy look here!

    1960s: Pop Art Eyes and Pale Lips

    Almost anything bold goes when it comes to '60s eye makeup. Long lashes and contrasting eyeliner are especially favored. Balance out the intense eye with a pale, nude lip. Check out the tutorial on getting the doe-eyed look.

    1980s: Fearless Color

    The '80s was full of daring experimentation when it game to colors on the face. Though you may want to tone down the hues during the day, the coral lip and turquoise shadow is awesome for a night on the town. Check out a tutorial here.

    1990s: Nude Eyes, Dark Lips

    Gotta love the '90s – a decade that made daring, purple and maroon lip shades fashionable. Here are some tips for rocking the look in your day-to-day routine!