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    13 Steps Of Applying For A Job That Everyone Can Relate To

    Wait, so MS Paint is NOT considered a skill?

    Step 1: Sit down and ready thyself for the application. Apply coffee liberally.

    Step 2: Psych yourself up. You're great, and people should like you!

    Step 3: Begin typing. Type with purpose and authority, dammit.

    Step 4: Um. Struggle with finding flattering ways of describing yourself.

    Step 5: Describe your experience, education, community service, extracurriculars ...

    Step 6: Talk about how ... organized and "together" you are?

    Step 7: And don't forget to be charming, you rascal, you!

    Step 8: Attempt to convey a sense of class that you may or may not actually possess.

    Step 9: Be ELOQUENT.

    Step 10: Come to the end of your application and realize, "Hey ... I'm actually a pretty neat person. There's no reason for them to NOT hire me!"

    Step 11: Remind yourself that, no matter what happens, you're still likable and (kind of) with it.

    Step 12: Submit your hard work with confidence and enthusiasm!

    Step 13: IMMEDIATELY begin over-thinking and over-analyzing every single word you said.