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15 Dogs In Designer Duds

These dogs dress better than you..

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I'll wear it, but I'm not gonna like it.

@lifeofvi / Via Instagram

This cruise is outta martinis?! Yikes!

@mrbtheshihtzu / Via Instagram

Oh these? They're not prescription. Nerd is just so in right now..

http://@pumpkin.sunshine / Via Instagram

Not sure why there's a rabbit wearing a top hat in this pic...but I dig it.

@montjiro / Via instagram

Stylin' and profilin', stay thirsty my friends.

@littlelucygoose / Via Instagram

I'm a barbi girl, in a barbi world!

@beckermanblog / Via Instagram

Are you getting my good side?

@operation_sumo / Via Instagram

This dog's either a high level exec or a Harry Potter extra.

@trinketbaby / Via Instagram

Morgan Freeman wearing a hat.

@ifitwags / Via Instagram

Welcome to the Gap, can I help you with a size?

@OhMyDog09 / Via Instagram

Step Up 13 - Frenchie Revolution

@pixarella / Via Instagram

Ready to hit the slopes of Aspen in her snazzy Fleece pullover

@badbitchnellie /Via Instagram

I just got a blow out, I can't walk home now.

@littlelucygoose / Via Instagram

I just can't do ear buds.

Head phone snob
@ichaity / Via Instagram

Head phone snob

I hope this outfit doesn't get me kicked out of the wolf pack.

@iheartmiles / Via Instagram

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