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Grandmas Skydive For The First Time

“It was wonderful… I never want to do it again.”

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BuzzFeedVideo invited three badass grandmas to go skydiving for the first time. They screamed, they laughed, and even shared some great life advice. Their journey up to nearly 13,000 feet was a true test of bravery.

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Meet Bette (72), Rhoda (67), and Holgie (66). They went skydiving for the first time near Lake Elsinore, California.

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When asked what the most adventurous thing they've ever done was, these grandmas proved they were seasoned!

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Before jumping out of the plane, the ladies had to fill out paperwork and watch an instructional video...

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So many facial expressions.

And then they were ready to go!

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Check out Holgie with that skip! Totally amazing form!!!

But before they jumped — just a few parting wise words!

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Def words to live by.

And this total YOLO moment.

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With everything going according to plan, it was time to take these three grannies up for the ride of their lives...

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At 12,500 feet, the feelings seemed pretty positive.

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And then just like that... they were outta there.


After the jump, it seemed like everyone enjoyed it. One wasn't sure she had made it back down to Earth...

These grannies are BRAVE.

...And Bette was hearing things.

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Holgie delivered this valid statement.

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Can't blame her!

But most of all these ladies felt VERY strong and powerful after this jump.


And these wise words from Holgie will just make you wanna yell, "ROCK ON LADIES!"

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