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Alex Minsky Is The Sexy Summer Crush You Didn't Know You Needed

Forget about your Channing Tatums and Zac Efrons, this summer you should all be looking at former Marine and now model Alex Minsky as your summer crush!

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You may have seen him in new promotional images for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. / Via Instagram: @mminskyy

As you can see, he is very.....very handsome. / Via Instagram: @mminskyy

But Oh! It seems your shirt has fallen off! / Via Instagram: @mminskyy

A lot. / Via Instagram: @mminskyy

Even the snake looks happy.

Clothes don't seem to be a priority for this guy. / Via Instagram: @mminskyy

Your summer crush has gotta have a great smile AND be great at taking selfies. / Via Instagram: @mminskyy

He's gonna be kind of a big deal. / Via Instagram: @mminskyy
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