How It Feels To Work At The Mall

I’ve been working retail for 4 years at the same place, which happens to be a teen girls clothing store. These GIFs express exactly how it feels to work there.

1. Good morning!

2. When you realize you’re working with your favorite boss

3. When you tell your 14-year-old customer you know someone relative to a member of One Direction

4. When you realize that you actually start to like One Direction

5. When you admit it to people outside of your store that you like 1D and they judge you

6. When all of your co-workers have fallen victim to 1D charm and dance parties ensue..

7. And realizing that your store is becoming a shrine to the boys

8. …feeling like Helga Pataki…

9. …and not caring

10. Little girls who think they’re hot shit

11. ….and their moms that don’t realize the store is closing and have 20 things for them to try on still

12. When you start working there and Justin looks like this….

13. ….and 4 years later you realize that Justin now looks like this and you’re still working there

14. Holiday season

15. How you feel when people complain about things you can’t change, like expired coupons

16. When you hear corporate might stop by..

17. Working with people who are employees from the same store but different malls

18. Floorset.

19. Trying to explain to friends just how hard retail really is

20. Getting to work on shipment on a busy day

21. To those people who fold the clothes after looking at them

22. Girls who ruin piles that were JUST fixed

23. Saying goodbye to the final customers

24. …as soon as they leave

25. When you get out of a 6 hour shift to no new text messages

26. When you finally get home

27. Finally the amount of American you feel after seeing how much Union jack is in your store

28. seriously you forget what country you’re from…

29. I have to remind myself constantly that I’m not actually British


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