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    People Shared 17 Things They Consider Crimes Against Food, So I Ranked Them From "This Can't Be That Bad" To "This Should Actually Be Illegal"

    "Dipping Oreos in water because you don't have milk."

    The other day, redditor u/_bexcalibur asked, "What, in your opinion, is considered a crime against food?" Fellow Reddit users shared some food crimes that are pretty controversial, so I thought, hey, why not weigh in some of my own thoughts?

    So, here are some of the worst food crimes according to the internet, ranked from "this can't be so bad" to "this should actually be illegal":

    17. "Putting ketchup on pasta."

    Spaghetti topped with a ton of ketchup

    16. "Using a donut as a burger bun."

    A bacon cheeseburger that has glazed donuts as buns

    15. "I had a friend that used to eat bacon with Nutella. 'Had.'"

    A slice of toast topped with Nutella and bacon

    14. "I put Tabasco sauce on almost everything I eat (eggs, scalloped potatoes, macaroni and cheese), and I've been told that it's a crime against food. But if that's true, why does it taste so good?"

    A bottle of Tabasco sauce

    13. "Miracle Whip."

    Bottles of Miracle Whip along a grocery shelf

    12. "Boiling vegetables to mush."

    Mixed vegetables on a plate

    11. "Hot dog eating contests. I hate everything about them, and if I could make them illegal, I would."

    A huge stack of hot dogs at Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating contest

    10. "Pouring milk before cereal. Don't need to explain this one."

    A big bowl of milk, no cereal

    9. "My ex-wife used to boil ribs. Nasty light ribs taste and mushy texture. Then, she got offended when I took over the rib responsibilities on an actual smoker. Her pouty little voice, 'Are my ribs not good enough for you?'"

    A rack of barbeque pork ribs

    8. "People (mainly on cooking shows) who think adding chocolate to something is a good idea. Especially when that something is seafood."

    A plate of shrimp risotto with the caption: "Does not need chocolate"

    7. "Biting into a Kit Kat without separating the bars."

    Someone bites into a Kit Kat bar

    6. "Making scrambled eggs in a microwave."

    An exploded egg in a microwave

    5. "Dipping Oreos in water because you don't have milk."

    A plate of Oreos next to a glass of milk

    4. "More of a beverage than food, but I knew quite a couple of people that would enjoy iced coffee and lemonade together."

    A iced drink that's probably iced tea lemonade

    3. "I saw someone eat pineapples with mayo once at school, and it should be considered a crime."

    2. "Mustard in chocolate milk."

    A glass of chocolate milk

    And finally, the WORST crime against food of them all...

    1. "No seasoning at all. Not even a pinch of salt."

    A chef seasons their food while cooking

    Do you agree with these rankings? Which food crimes would you add to this list??? Let me know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.