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    15 Things About American Weddings That Non-Americans Find Extremely Weird

    "I still can't understand the smooshing cake in the face thing. I hate it."

    A while ago, we wrote a post about the weirdest things about American weddings, according to non-Americans. Many of our readers from the BuzzFeed Community around the world shared even more American wedding traditions they don't quite understand. Here are the interesting results:

    1. The huge wedding parties

    Maxwell Monty / Getty Images/EyeEm

    "Giant bridal parties seem like overkill to me! You’re telling me that you have 15 close friends, plus more to invite as other guests?"


    2. The rehearsal dinners

    Nadtochiy / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    "For me, I definitely never understood the rehearsal dinner thing. It just seems like so much extra time and effort; is it really worth it? Things can always go wrong the day of the wedding anyway."


    3. The looong cocktail hour


    "Went to a friend's wedding where after the ceremony, before we could go into the reception, they served alcohol and just a few items on toothpicks meant for a handful of people — not the hundreds they had. We were made to wait for three hours with NO sitting, well past dinner time. We didn’t know anyone except the bride and groom. My hub and I considered leaving, but we kept thinking they’ll get it started soon. Worst wedding experience ever!"


    4. The cost

    Stadtratte / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    "The weirdest thing about weddings is the cost. I can't imagine spending all that money on one day. It's just silly to spend more than $1K."


    5. The live bands

    Iom / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    "One thing that I never understood is why do they always have bands playing live at their weddings? Here in Uruguay, I've never heard of anyone doing that. We always have DJs. And the party goes on until 7 a.m., too."


    6. The showers and registries

    Imagestock / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    "Honestly, the whole concept of showers and registries. If you can’t afford the wedding, go to a courthouse. If someone asks you if they can buy you a gift, cool. But literally making a list, like a child, of stuff you want people to buy you? It’s always just seemed greedy and kind of gross to me."


    7. The cake smooshing

    Cavan Images / Getty Images/Cavan Images RF

    "I'm an American, and I still can't understand the smooshing cake in the face thing. I hate it. Do you know how long wedding makeup takes to be done? Then, you're going to ruin your beautiful makeup with cake smooshing?"


    8. The first date at a wedding

    Westend61 / Getty Images/Westend61

    "The wedding date thing!!! I could never bring someone I've only just met to a loved one's wedding. I've noticed before in American movies that a lot of people use weddings as potential dating pools? Like, I don't understand the idea of going to celebrate a friend or family member getting married, but spending the whole time trying to hook up with someone. This might be one of those things that only happens in movies or TV shows, though, so idk."


    9. The buffets

    Csondy / Getty Images

    "I absolutely HATE buffet weddings. It’s so awkward...Plated dinners are the way to go."


    10. The save-the-date cards

    Viktoriia Bielik / Getty Images / iStockphoto

    "What I really struggle to understand is spending money on fancy save-the-date cards when you’re just going to send an invitation anyway. Just a pointless expense."


    11. The wedding party paying for their attire


    "This is probably going to get a lot of hate, but I've always hated that the wedding party has to pay for their own dresses and tuxes. It's damn tacky to expect other people to pay to be in YOUR wedding. If you can't afford it, then limit yourself. Honestly, this should extend to everything else, too — the showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties. Why should your wedding party have to pay for this? It's your day, so foot the bill."


    12. The all-white weddings

    Jeremy J Saunders / Getty Images

    "I find all-white weddings super boring."


    13. The cash bars

    Dumitru Zaharia / Getty Images/iStockphoto

    "The drinks should DEFINITELY be free. That's a weird argument. Why expect your guests to bring a gift and a fistful of cash for a glass of wine??? In my family, it's embarrassing to have a cash bar."


    14. The ~showing off~

    New Line Cinema

    "What I find about American [weddings] is that they're messy, don’t really focus on the actual importance of marriage (family, respect, and love), and is just all about showing off."


    15. And finally, the garter toss

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    "The garter toss is gross and cringey."


    What do you think of these "American" wedding trends? What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.