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    13 Extremely Weird Things Everyone Did As A Kid For No Reason

    We all had the same childhood.

    1. That ~panic~ you felt when your mom left you in line at the grocery store:

    A mom says, "I'll be right back," next to a kid who panics as the cashier rings up items really fast
    @jonathanbynoe / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    Mom: "I’ll be right back." Me:


    The cashier be going fast on purpose too 😭 #foryou #grocerystore #funny #stress #foryoupage #trend #fyp

    ♬ original sound - rogerlopez75

    2. For some reason, you sat like this while using any form of technology — like the kids today with their iPads:

    A TikToker pretending to be a little kid on their iPad, sitting in an uncomfortable position
    @salabonce / Via

    Full TikTok here.



    Pov: ur little cousin keeps asking if he can use TikTok on ur phone but you pretend ur phone doesn’t work anymore 💀 #foryoupage #foryou #4u #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Sal Styles

    3. Singing in front of your parents was a serious and nerve-racking performance:

    A TikToker pretends to sing then throw a tantrum with the caption: "Little kids singing in front of their parents"
    @stinkyasher / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    *Starts over for the 100th time*


    who else did this 😬 #POV #comedy #kids

    ♬ original sound - StinkyRat

    4. You may or may not have tried closing the fridge door slowly to see when the light goes off:

    A TikToker closes a fridge door slowly then reacts angrily when they can't see the light go off
    http://@mayra.del.villar / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    That fridge light was a mystery and it *needed* to be solved.


    Every kid has done it 😭 // #foryou

    ♬ original sound - May Del Villar

    5. Building forts with your friends was a favorite pastime — and coming up with secret passwords was an art form:

    A TikToker pretends to be a kid saying, "What's the password?" and then replies, "Fart sandwich"
    http://@jordan.french / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    It's the "no girls allowed" sign for me.


    It’s a Fartress 💨 #fyp #foryoupage #dontletthisflop #kids

    ♬ original sound - Jordan French

    6. At some point, you thought maybe — just MAYBE — you had the power to move the TV remote without getting up:

    A TikToker reaches for a TV remote from their bed, like they're trying to use superpowers to move it
    @chasedelrosario / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    If only it worked.


    Every kid has tried this before😂

    ♬ original sound - OrenSalman

    7. You probably had a moment like this in your room after you were grounded:

    A TikToker throws a tantrum in their bedroom
    @katinkadiekat_off / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    *Silently screams at the door*


    Every kid ever #hiding #dissipline #funny #acting #blonde #viral #fyp #pakslae #african #southafrican #viralclip #katinka

    ♬ original sound - katinkadiekat_official

    8. Playtime required a much-needed water break:

    A TikToker chugs a huge bottle of juice
    @rochellehaydendj / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    We had to drink juice ~aggressively~.


    Every kid at soft play #kid #softplay #softplaycentre #pisstake101 #kidsworld #funnyyvideos #playcentre

    ♬ original sound - Jack Bean

    9. In fact, the way we drank water was, like, a personality trait:

    A TikToker drinks a cup of water while breathing heavily
    @jayyddubs / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    Why were we so THIRSTY???


    how EVERY little kid drinks water when they’re thirsty 😤 #funny #comedy #relatable #SeaShanty #HomeImprovement

    ♬ original sound - Jaydon Wong

    10. Getting math homework help at home was ✨stressful✨:

    Someone fills out answers on their math homework with the caption: "actually starts crying"
    @katieegrimm / Via

    Full TikTok here.



    when you’re at the kitchen table with your dad doing math homework

    ♬ Трагедия 😥 - wweagleweagle

    11. You probably wanted to see if your toys would come to life when you left the room — like in Toy Story:

    Someone pretends to spy on a Woody and Buzz Lightyear toy through a door that's creaked open
    @jeremylynch / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    I mean, you had to try it...just in case.


    Nobody: ... Me as a kid after watching Toy Story 😂 #toystory #sus

    ♬ original sound - JeremyLynch

    12. You woke up deeply confused whenever you fell asleep on the couch and then ~magically~ appeared in your bedroom:

    A TikToker sleeping on a couch then waking up in bed, completely freaked out
    @denzow / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    The most disorienting feeling, TBH.


    This was magic 😂 #fyp #viral #trending #discover #magic #wakingup #asakid #na

    ♬ original sound - 传说

    13. And chances are, you met your soulmate on the playground:

    A TikToker pretends to be a kid asking, "Do you wanna get married?" then replies, "Yes, absolutely. I'll go get a Ring Pop."
    http://@hannah.montee / Via

    Full TikTok here.

    Are we friends? No, we're married.


    pov: little kid meeting the love of their life (little kids pt. 8) #pov #comedy #careeradvice #carhacks

    ♬ original sound - hannah montoya

    What awkward things do you remember doing as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!

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