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    13 Extremely Weird Things Everyone Did As A Kid For No Reason

    We all had the same childhood.

    1. That ~panic~ you felt when your mom left you in line at the grocery store:

    A mom says, "I'll be right back," next to a kid who panics as the cashier rings up items really fast

    Mom: "I’ll be right back." Me: 

    2. For some reason, you sat like this while using any form of technology — like the kids today with their iPads:

    A TikToker pretending to be a little kid on their iPad, sitting in an uncomfortable position



    Pov: ur little cousin keeps asking if he can use TikTok on ur phone but you pretend ur phone doesn’t work anymore 💀 #foryoupage #foryou #4u #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Sal Styles

    3. Singing in front of your parents was a serious and nerve-racking performance:

    A TikToker pretends to sing then throw a tantrum with the caption: "Little kids singing in front of their parents"

    Starts over for the 100th time

    4. You may or may not have tried closing the fridge door slowly to see when the light goes off:

    A TikToker closes a fridge door slowly then reacts angrily when they can't see the light go off

    That fridge light was a mystery and it needed to be solved.

    5. Building forts with your friends was a favorite pastime — and coming up with secret passwords was an art form:

    A TikToker pretends to be a kid saying, "What's the password?" and then replies, "Fart sandwich"

    It's the "no girls allowed" sign for me.

    6. At some point, you thought maybe — just MAYBE — you had the power to move the TV remote without getting up:

    A TikToker reaches for a TV remote from their bed, like they're trying to use superpowers to move it

    If only it worked.


    Every kid has tried this before😂

    ♬ original sound - OrenSalman

    7. You probably had a moment like this in your room after you were grounded:

    A TikToker throws a tantrum in their bedroom

    Silently screams at the door

    8. Playtime required a much-needed water break:

    A TikToker chugs a huge bottle of juice

    We had to drink juice aggressively.

    9. In fact, the way we drank water was, like, a personality trait:

    A TikToker drinks a cup of water while breathing heavily

    Why were we so THIRSTY???


    how EVERY little kid drinks water when they’re thirsty 😤 #funny #comedy #relatable #SeaShanty #HomeImprovement

    ♬ original sound - Jaydon Wong

    10. Getting math homework help at home was ✨stressful✨:

    Someone fills out answers on their math homework with the caption: "actually starts crying"



    when you’re at the kitchen table with your dad doing math homework

    ♬ Трагедия 😥 - wweagleweagle

    11. You probably wanted to see if your toys would come to life when you left the room — like in Toy Story:

    Someone pretends to spy on a Woody and Buzz Lightyear toy through a door that's creaked open

    I mean, you had to try it...just in case.


    Nobody: ... Me as a kid after watching Toy Story 😂 #toystory #sus

    ♬ original sound - JeremyLynch

    12. You woke up deeply confused whenever you fell asleep on the couch and then ~magically~ appeared in your bedroom:

    A TikToker sleeping on a couch then waking up in bed, completely freaked out

    The most disorienting feeling, TBH.

    13. And chances are, you met your soulmate on the playground:

    A TikToker pretends to be a kid asking, "Do you wanna get married?" then replies, "Yes, absolutely. I'll go get a Ring Pop."

    Are we friends? No, we're married.


    pov: little kid meeting the love of their life (little kids pt. 8) #pov #comedy #careeradvice #carhacks

    ♬ original sound - hannah montoya

    What awkward things do you remember doing as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!