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    People Are Pointing Out Unrealistic Things That Happen In Movies That Never Happen In Real Life, And There Are No Lies Detected

    *Leaves all responsibilities behind for a spontaneous trip around the world.*

    Recently, redditor u/AJ-Naka-Zayn-Owens asked the internet: "What happens in movies that NEVER happens in real life?" Fellow Reddit users shared several things that happen in movies all the time — all of which are *very* unrealistic — and it's hilarious.

    Here are some of the top-voted responses:

    1. "No one has to wait for anything. People phone or email back in time, taxis arrive, the results come back in time to catch the bad guys — even the coffee is ready to go."

    Jimmy Fallon gets into a taxi during a scene in "Taxi"

    2. "Expositional dialogue. 'Hello person who is my sister, remember how our parents died in a car crash leaving us both orphaned at a young age?'"


    3. "If a girl is arguing with you in real life, and you kiss her in an attempt to stop her from yelling, she'll most likely not appreciate it."


    4. "The lack of considerable paperwork from any police action movie."

    5. "Being able to hear after hundreds of gun shots in a small room."


    6. "Always finding a parking place right where they need to be."


    7. "Never setting a time for things. 'Want to go out Friday?' 'Yeah.' 'Great, see you then. Bye.'"

    8. "One line of dialogue changes everything and makes it all OK."


    9. "The villain wastes time instead of killing the protagonist right now."


    10. "People are up in the morning with enough time to have a home-cooked breakfast, casual family conversation, just relaxing and taking their time. Like, on a school day."

    11. "Perfect conversations without any stuttering, poor grammar, or poor vocabulary."


    12. "Someone who has been bedridden for months (like in a coma) gets out of bed and starts walking around — or even running."


    13. "Every pregnancy delivery is always a natural, screaming, painful birth. No one ever has a C-section or epidural."

    Katherine Heigl screams while giving birth in "Knocked Up"

    14. "Whenever people play something back, be it a tape, video recording, or whatever, they can always fast-forward or rewind to EXACTLY the point they want, with perfect accuracy."


    15. "Cars exploding. Cars can catch fire — it can happen very quickly, and they burn very intensely — but they don't explode."


    16. "No matter what tough physical challenges they go through, women always have good makeup and clean hair."

    17. "The 'good guy' gets away with torture, abduction, murder, and mass destruction as soon as everybody understands his good intentions. In real life, a crime is a crime."


    18. "The main character and his or her family live in a big, very expensive, and perfectly decorated house. No clutter. No mess. Immaculate yard."


    19. "In horror movies, people tend to go toward the danger instead of going for help."

    20. "When any main character makes a rousing motivational speech or vocalizes a philosophical view, and then suddenly their entire target audience subscribes 100% to their beliefs or motives without question."


    21. "Waiting for someone to finish a sentence before talking, even in an argument."


    22. And finally: "Everyone can simply up and leave their life for a trip. Magically already having a passport and money to get a red-eye flight."

    You can read the full thread here.

    What are other unrealistic things that happen in movies that never happen in real life? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.