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    Truckers Are Sharing The Wildest Things They've Seen On The Road, And I Don't Know What I Was Expecting, But It Wasn't This

    "A surprising number of people drive without pants."

    If you drive, you may have seen a strange thing or two on the road before, but for truck drivers, they see A LOT — especially from their elevated point of view.


    So recently, redditor u/randomuser0375 asked the truckers, "What are some of the stranger things you’ve seen from your elevated vantage point looking down into other cars?" And honestly, I did not expect these responses.

    A semi tractor trailer truck drives on the road at dawn
    5m3photos / Getty Images

    Here are some of the wildest ones:

    1. "Strangest thing I've seen was a goat riding in the passenger seat like a person — even had a seat belt on."


    2. "It was nighttime, and I saw another truck driver with the interior cab lights on in Texas on I-35. Guy was using cruise control and was out of the driver's seat butt naked and changing clothes while going down the road at 65 mph."


    3. "My dad is a truck driver of over 20 years. Many sex acts…but my favorite is: a lady with a cutting board on her lap, cutting up fruit and putting it into a bowl on the passenger seat. Yes, while driving. Making a damn fruit salad on the road."

    Someone takes an apple from a bowl of mixed fruit
    Tetra Images / Getty Images

    4. "I once saw a guy driving on I-35 in a minivan playing a trumpet. And no, that isn't a euphemism for anything."


    5. "You got your blowjobs, people flashing, arguments and throwing things at each other, applying makeup in the little sun blocker mirror while driving — but one of my all-time favorites is the little dog humping a Subway bag in the front seat."

    "Hope 2022 is even better."


    6. "Saw a guy practicing his guitar while driving."


    7. "A lady trying to change her baby's diaper while steering with her damn knees."

    Someone changes a baby's diaper in a car
    Morten Falch Sortland / Getty Images

    8. "The absolute worst thing I ever witnessed was being parked next to a truck that was just rocking, and when I looked over, there was a young kid sitting in the front seat, looking like he wished he was anywhere else in the world at that moment."


    9. "A surprising number of people drive without pants."


    10. "The unholy amount of dudes jerking off."


    11. "In heavy traffic around Boston, on the Tobin Bridge, I saw this guy reading a full-sized newspaper, unfolded and completely obscuring his view. Every now and then, he would fold down one corner slightly and creep forward."

    Someone reads a newspaper, completely distracted
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    12. "Came up next to this slow-moving driver, looked over, and she was eating a BOWL OF SOUP. I guess she was driving slow to try to reduce spilling as much as possible. Like, put it in a thermos or a bowl with a lid...or eat something that's not liquid?!"


    13. "Over the years, I’ve seen people (while driving) eating, writing, watching TV, doing crossword puzzles, getting dressed, putting on makeup, and painting fingernails."

    "I’ve also seen people masturbating, getting BJs, and getting fingered while driving and as a passenger."


    14. "A guy watching a movie on his cellphone. He was all over the road, speeding all over the place. I've also seen people shaving, changing clothes, etc."

    Someone holds their phone while driving
    Getty Images

    15. "I've seen more people using phones than anyone would ever think. People paying more attention to the animals on their laps than to driving. Nothing too out of the norm."


    16. "I saw a guy playing video poker on his phone. He was riding a motorbike. This was in Vietnam, though, so you see tons and tons of people on their phones while riding."

    "I've seen people mostly using maps, sometimes texting, but video poker was a new one for me."


    17. "Saw a lady reading a book on the highway once. Also saw a dude steering with his knees, cigarette in the corner of his mouth, Bud Light in the console, rolling a fat joint at 6:30 a.m.!"


    18. "I saw a lion in a car. A real one."

    A lion sticks its head out a car window
    Kelvin Rumsby / Getty Images / 500px Prime

    19. "Stuck in traffic at the old Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Glanced down at the car beside me, saw a woman with her shirt hiked up and her sweatpants pulled down as she changed out her colostomy bag, laughing while chatting with her driver the whole time."

    "I've peed in my share of bottles, so I empathized with her."


    20. "The strangest thing I’ve ever had happen to me was a woman trying to pass me going up a hill; she succeeded until I went down the hill. Then, on the next hill, she drove by me, smiled, and then waved. I was so taken aback, I didn’t know how to react."

    "Usually they’re pissed, but she was smiling and waving while drinking her morning coffee."


    And finally...

    21. "I saw a lady giving much blood."



    OK. WOW. Fellow truckers, what's the wildest thing you've ever seen people do on the road? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.