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    18 Recent Tinder, Hinge, And Bumble Screenshots That Prove Modern Dating Is A LITERAL Nightmare

    I'm convinced online dating is satire at this point.

    1. This Bumble match who admitted to lying about his age to get younger women:

    "so i can match with younger women"

    2. This match who felt the need to give dating advice:

    "Good luck never finding a man"

    3. This person who apparently hooked up with his match's mom???:

    "So what's your plans tonight"

    4. This Tinder match who wants to be left alone:

    "The one where you leave me the f**k alone"

    5. This guy who thinks a woman keeping herself safe is "unhinged":

    "Are you afraid of me?"
    "You sound unhinged"

    6. This person who was actually just interested in their match's friend:

    "work on that it's not attractive"

    7. This person who matched with someone only to rudely reject them:

    "Worse now"

    8. This "dream girl's" response:

    "Go dream somewhere else"

    9. This "bold" question:

    "and that is considered stupid"
    "I hope I've not scared you off"

    10. This match who can't be bothered with conversation:

    "blah blah blah idgaf"

    11. This convo that took an uncomfortable turn:

    "Can I see a revealing full body pic?"

    12. And this convo that got NSFW real quick:

    "If I tell you, will you sit on it?"

    13. This copy and paster:

    "Spot on"

    14. This awful person who matched twice just to say this:

    "To remind you that you're still a fatty"

    15. This "difficult person" who's looking for an ideal "candidate":

    "Nah I'm good"

    16. This person who's looking for a real date:

    "What do you consider a real date"

    17. This dryyyyyy texter:

    "Nothing too exciting"

    18. And finally, this match who has a PhD:

    "I don't actually, but I might as well."

    H/T: r/Tinder and r/Bumble