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    People Are Sharing Things That Changed Their Lives For The Better, And It's Actually Eye-Opening

    "Learning to say no, mean it, and not feel guilty about it."

    2020 was a challenging year for all of us. And now that we're almost on month three of 2021, you may have already taken time to reflect and/or make changes in your life that have had a positive impact.

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    Recently, redditor u/Jimmyb_3333 asked other users a thought-provoking question that allowed them to reflect on their lives: "What changed in your life that made it so much better?"


    Fellow Reddit users shared plenty of wholesome, inspiring, and unexpected things that actually changed their lives for the better. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. "Starting therapy."


    2. "Giving up on trying to cure being an introvert and just being happy."


    3. "The kidney transplant I just received on Monday (Feb. 15, 2021)."


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    4. "Had my kid. Honestly. People warn new/prospective parents how much their lives will change and how much they’ll lose, and I absolutely respect those who feel that way. But my life is changed for the better daily. I laugh more, I move more, I care more about the future, and I am by far a better and happier person."


    5. "Writing in a journal. Even if it's just: 'I existed.'"


    6. "Creating and sticking to boundaries when it came to toxic people. I don't want or need that drama and negativity in my life."


    7. "I stopped pressuring myself into getting better faster. I have depression, BPD, and an anxiety disorder. And yes, it sucks, but pressuring myself made me feel worse. I realized that these things take time and that I need to allow myself to take that time. And since then, I'm slowly but surely getting better."

    "To anyone who needs to hear this: Take all the time in the world if you need it. And don't let people tell you how long it's supposed to take to get better. It's such a personal thing, and no one knows how much time you need except you."


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    8. "Breaking up with my ex and finding someone who was so much better for me. It makes a world of difference. My mental and physical health improved. It's pretty incredible how a miserable relationship can drag you down and how a happy one can change you for the better."


    9. "[Getting] medication for my ADHD. It's amazing how much easier things have gotten for me. I was suffering needlessly for years."


    10. "I stopped caring so much."

    "For as long as I remember, I've felt a burden of responsibility to my parents, to my brother, and to myself. Throughout my whole life, my parents have relied on me to be the voice of reason, to be the one who has sound mind, to be the one good with finances, to give them advice. It's not healthy for a kid to be put under that kind of pressure, and it just built and built until they filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and when I burned out at work last year.

    I went to therapy for a bit (for the third time) after I burned out and realized that I'm putting up such a high bar of responsibility for myself, and it makes — and made — my life ridiculously miserable. I'm still working and going to school, but having a more relaxed attitude and almost forcing myself to procrastinate on my schoolwork has made my life so much more enjoyable."


    11. "Meeting my now-wife. I didn’t truly know it at the time, but within a few weeks, I knew we were going to be together forever. In the most subtle and constructive ways, she pushes me to accomplish my dreams. Ten years and two kids later, I love her even more than the day I met her."



    12. "Meeting my best friend in high school. We met in our junior year and still talk to one another nearly 40 years later."


    13. "Started doing things by myself after I stopped caring about trying to make plans. I used to think doing some things alone made you look like a loser or a loner or something, but after I realized people are flakes, I started going to the movies by myself, going out to eat by myself, and I even took a two-week trip to Europe by myself."


    14. "Quitting alcohol. My life has completely changed in only the best ways. Most notably, I've accomplished all of my dreams. I went back to school and earned my bachelor's, found the love of my life and got married, lost weight, and somehow look like I’ve aged backwards."


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    15. "I got a dog. I mean, my life has always been pretty good — decent job, wonderful friends and family — but as soon as I got a dog, I realized how much better it can be with a furry companion. She makes me laugh, comforts me when I’m sad, and is an overall bundle of joy. Cheesy but true. 10/10 would recommend getting one."


    16. "Going from working a 9 to 5 office job to 100% remote. I wish I'd done this years ago."


    17. "When a person with whom I had a deep emotional connection got out of my life, I realized how messed up it was. I was sad at first, but with time, I understood why she didn't want to know anything about me (my lack of effort to make my life better, toxic people around me, etc.). Since then, I've worked on my emotional intelligence, cut off contact with people [who did] more harm than good, finished university, and a lot of other things, which makes me happy about my person."


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    18. "Staying offline during the week. It’s hard, but my sleep schedule got better, and I’ve been reading a lot more and working on more projects."


    19. "Leaving an emotionally abusive job and moving across the country to be closer to good friends and family. I’ve since gotten a dog, married [someone], and we have a house. Things I never would have had time or energy for if I hadn’t left."


    20. "Stepped down from a management position. Wrote the letter and called the district manager — and felt like I won the lottery. I make better money and control my time."



    21. "I moved in with two of my friends. I had been living alone since I moved to a new city in June. Back in late December, my friends moved down as well, and we all got an apartment. It's so nice to have two extra people (and two extra cats!) around the house."


    22. "Knowing and reminding myself what I actually want in life. And continuing to ask myself why and 'is that it?' to make sure I am living life for something that really matters."


    23. "Breaking up with my best friend. I was friends with this girl for about 10 years. ... She had this big negative energy around her. ... A few years ago, she went to study in another country, and I realized how toxic her friendship was. As soon as she came back, I actually [ended] our friendship."

    "After that, I actually learned how to deal with my emotions and that I'm not this huge weirdo as she always pointed out. I also stared therapy...and I realized that I was actually happy with what my life is instead of always complaining.

    Lesson learned: Friendships can be as damaging as relationships."


    24. "Bought my first car. Not only was it a huge moment as a car enthusiast, but it gave me so much more freedom than I had when I had to borrow my parents' car to go places."


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    25. "Started an outdoorsy sport at the end of my twenties. Surfing makes me really happy!"


    26. "Finally telling my best friend that I was in love with them. We've been dating for two years now and every moment is like living in a dream. They're sitting next to me right now cluelessly singing out loud with headphones in, and I'm OBSESSED."


    27. "Learning to say no, mean it, and not feel guilty about it."



    What changed in YOUR life that made it better? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.