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"I've Never Hated Someone So Much For Something So Petty": People Are Calling Out Things You Should Stop Doing In Public, And Wow

"I work the front desk at a clinic, and I can't tell you how many grown people turn into spoiled, angry children because they didn't get their way."

Recently, Redditor u/Quiet-Reference5135 asked the internet, "What is something people do in public that gets under your skin?" People shared tons of major pet peeves, and yikes, you might just be annoying others if you do them. Here are some of the most surprising results:

1. "When people are oblivious to their position or how they are blocking an entire aisle."


man in the middle of the aisle

2. "When people cough or sneeze without covering their mouths."


3. "When someone watches TikToks or videos in public LOUDLY."


"There was a girl who did this in our only breakroom at work. She watched them full volume, and then laughed incredibly loudly at almost every single one of them. I never have hated someone so much for something so petty."


4. "People who keep passing me on the road and then slow down, so I have to pass them. I'm on cruise control going the same speed all the time. Pick a speed β€” we don't need all this lane changing!"


cars on the road

5. "People who are obnoxiously loud with no consideration to the person(s) standing right next to them."


"My husband does this β€” he is so incredibly loud! Love him dearly, but at restaurants, I always feel so guilty because he's booming loudly, and everyone can hear our whole conversation. I try to gently remind him to use a quieter tone, but he gets all cranky. It's like, hun... the whole restaurant doesn't need to know about our toddler's constipation woes!"


6. "When people don't let other passengers off the train before trying to cram themselves into a full car. Just let people off and there will be more room!!! How do you live/work in the city and not learn this by day three?"


busy subway station

7. "When people stop in a walk path like, doorways, sidewalks, and airports where there is clearly a train of people walking in one direction, and someone just stops."


8. "I hate when people litter; the world isn't their trashcan, they're making things worse for everyone. Just hold onto the trash and throw it away later."


"When I worked at Starbucks, I got written up because I was working the drive-thru window and some guy came through in a pickup and ordered a venti caramel macchiato. He was a regular turd when I open the window and charged him, but when I came back and opened the window to give him his coffee, he was actively dumping all the garbage from inside his truck all over the drive-thru. Receipts, Kleenex tissues, McDonald's wrappers, and Tim Hortons cups all over the ground, and he was doing this like it was the most natural thing in the world. I said, 'What are you doing?' and he said, 'They pay them to clean it up.' I said I was going to have to clean it up, and he shrugged, so I dumped his drink on the ground between the window and his truck and told him I was saving him a step. It was rural Alberta, so the situation was de-escalated by an even bigger guy getting out of an even bigger truck behind him and telling Litterbug to get moving. Bro had to call the store to complain, I still had to pick up the garbage, and I got written up β€” but I'd do it again just to watch his face as he watched me dump his drink."


trash being dumped out of a car

9. "Groups that walk five-wide on a sidewalk chatting away like they're the main characters."


10. "When people talk on speakerphone β€” especially when you’re stuck somewhere. Like, getting an oil change or somewhere where you have to sit down in a small room."


person talking into her phone

11. "Saw some kids in the literal front row of a movie theater with their bright phones and taking selfies the entire time. Like, who bought your tickets and why bother even going to the movie?"


12. "When people leave their shopping carts out in the middle of the parking lot, rather than taking the cart to those designated spots the store puts out."


cart in the middle of a parking lot

13. "If you're waiting for me to back out of my parking spot so you can take it, that's cool, but give me room to back out first. Jeez."


14. "When people are rude to anyone trying to do their jobs. There are times I just wanna slap the person silly and tell them to grow up."


"This 100%. I work the front desk at a clinic, and I can't tell you how many grown people turn into spoiled, angry children because they didn't get their way β€” i.e., they need a medication refill and didn't think to ask until they had one day left, or if we can't accommodate them and their five children with walk-in appointments at that very moment."


people arguing at a coffee shop

15. "When people get to the top/bottom of an escalator and then simply stop in order to figure out where to go next. Like, the rest of us have no choice in our movement right now β€” we're going to pile up behind you!"


And finally...

16. "People NOT washing their hands in a public restroom after using it. I work in a store and see it often. Disgusting."


"This is how it is at all the casinos, where everything you touch β€” screens, cards, chips, etc. More than half of men do not wash their hands, even after using the crapper."


man using the toilet

Whew! What are some other things that people do in public that you find annoying or frustrating? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.