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    Spotify And Discord Went Down Today, And People On Twitter Are Having A Field Day

    Like, what are we supposed to do with ourselves now???

    Sooo, if you don't already know, Spotify and Discord went down today, and unsurprisingly, it sent the internet into a frenzy.

    A crying Scarlett Johansson in "Marriage Story"

    Spotify, which seems to be back at the moment, confirmed the issue on Twitter as users were having trouble logging in.

    Something’s not quite right, and we’re looking into it. Thanks for your reports!

    Twitter: @SpotifyStatus

    And Discord also announced that they're working on fixing the messaging issues users are currently facing in the app.

    We’re aware of an issue causing message failures and are working on a fix. Apologies for the disruption & thx for hanging tight!

    Twitter: @discord

    Here are just some of the hilarious — and panicked — reactions people had on Twitter throughout the outage:


    Spotify and discord users runnin to twitter to fine out whats going on

    Twitter: @ash_51_50


    Us running to Twitter to see if Spotify and Discord is down for everyone else #spotifydown

    Twitter: @harshid_17


    Me waiting for Spotify and Discord to go back up be like:

    Twitter: @ThatGoonerSvien


    everyone trying to remember their passwords to Spotify and Discord when it gets back up

    Twitter: @chairma_n


    damn spotify and discord are down? guess we have to go back to this

    Alamy / Via Twitter: @VynWas


    me joining my family downstairs for dinner after 8 years since Spotify and Discord are down:

    Twitter: @zaxptv


    me after restarting my wifi, deleting and installing spotify and discord again to end uo finding out its doen for everyone:

    Twitter: @have0skillz


    Twitter: @celestialljoon


    spotify and discord have been down for more than 30 minutes now

    Twitter: @selrianalovato


    I didn’t even know Spotify and Discord were down 💀

    Twitter: @gayand_gayer


    Dear diary.. it’s already been almost an hour without Spotify and discord..I’m already noticing changes. Grass is getting greener..the outside world is getting brighter…

    Twitter: @CivilisedJinx


    Everybody coming to twitter from Spotify and Discord to see they’re down for everybody else

    Twitter: @Pizza__Dad


    Spotify and Discord users right now

    Alamy / Via Twitter: @my_goshopen


    Don't worry everyone I'm fixing the issue with Spotify and Discord as we speak

    Twitter: @Jeekworld


    Spotify and Discord are down Today every one to twitter

    Twitter: @iamgrroot_


    why does it have to be spotify and discord? why can’t it be like Facebook and LinkedIn?

    Twitter: @_abigailclaire_


    Me omw to tweet about the Spotify and discord outage for likes

    Twitter: @Vixenexyz


    Teenagers hearing the real world for the first time in 4 years after Spotify and Discord go offline

    Twitter: @Mr_Carv3r


    me opening Spotify and discord every 10 minutes to see if they're back up yet

    Twitter: @ProjectedKatt


    twitter mfs when spotify and discord go down:

    Twitter: @TearDropletz


    me after resetting my internet, deleting and reinstalling spotify and discord, powering off my phone, and turning off my computer

    Twitter: @cambriajones492