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    14 Tweets About Snapchat's Year End Recaps That Sum Up The Chaotic Year That Was 2020

    "Snapchat: You did so many cool and awesome things in 2020."

    Yesterday, Dec. 17, Snapchat dropped their annual "Year End" story feature to let users look back on their favorite saved stories from this year.

    It’s been a year of ups and downs, highs and lows, and a whole lot of surprises in between. Take a look back at Snapchat 2020!

    The Year End story can be found in the "Memories" section of the app, where you'll see your very own personal story, "A Look Back at 2020," which can also be shared with friends. Apparently, if you haven't saved enough stories this year, the feature won't appear!

    On Twitter, many users have been sharing hilarious thoughts about their Snapchat 2020 recaps — as well as actual snippets from their stories — because everyone's life has been looking QUITE different in the wildly unpredictable time that is 2020.

    So, here are some funny tweets about Snapchat 2020 stories that really sum up this year:

    1. Snapchat Memories reminded users of some of their "best" moments from this past year:

    Very funny Snapchat 2020 #snapchat2020 you think this a game 🙂🤣💀💀

    2. The incredible at-home meals we made:

    My 2020 snapchat wrapped really came at me in this exact order

    3. The exciting events we captured — aka, incredibly random photos we sent to our friends and then forgot about:

    Snapchat: “you did so many cool and awesome things in 2020#” the memories:

    4. And some people's Year End stories had a particular theme:

    Guys my Snapchat 2020 recap is basically snaps of my cat I’m-

    What else was there to do but to hang out with our pets?

    Many people's Year End stories didn't exactly line up with the automatically-generated captions:

    5. Here's this user cooking up a storm, aka "sharpening those knife skills":

    snapchat 2020 has me rollingg omfg

    6. These half-eaten apples speak for themselves:

    can’t say snapchat’s 2020 rewind isn’t dead on

    7. This user's year of "cuddling furry friends" apparently meant eating hot dogs:

    Creased at my “looking back at 2020” on snapchat! A year of cuddling furry friends” and it’s a picture of my hotdogs I made

    8. And this user's included the most unexpected surprise:


    Other Twitter users took the opportunity to make "Snapchat 2020" recaps somewhat of a meme:


    My Snapchat 2020 recap: “Lots of early mornings 🤍☀️” *shows a picture of me being hungover & crying at 6 AM*


    Me: My Snapchat 2020 in Review slideshow: Look at this cute picture of your cat sleeping 😊 and also your boobs.


    Snapchat just put together all the snaps of me crying and called it a 2020 recap


    my snapchat 2020 pretty much sums up all of 2020

    13. Ultimately, for many of us, we actually would prefer ~not to~ look back at 2020:

    the snapchat “a look back at 2020” as if we want to look back at 2020

    14. See you later, 2020: