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    16 Entitled People Who Should NOT Be Allowed At Fast-Food Restaurants From Now On

    "This is not Burger King. You don't get it your way."

    1. This Five Guys customer who had A TON of demands for their delivery driver:

    2. This fast-food joint that literally had to put up a warning sign for entitled customers:

    3. These customers who left their table like this:

    4. And this:

    5. This customer who simply didn't like their meal and wanted to dispute the charge:

    6. This customer who thought free fries weren't enough:

    7. And this customer who thought Burger King meals should just be ✨free✨:

    8. This customer who decided to make a gigantic order right before closing:

    9. This McDonald's customer who REALLY wanted warm fries:

    10. And this customer who wanted a refund after their own accident:

    11. This customer who just didn't bother using a trash can:

    12. This McDonald's customer who complained about not getting a LARGE free coffee:

    13. This Wendy's customer who demanded a FREE 50-cent Frosty:

    14. And this customer who wanted a personal coupon for spicy nuggets:

    15. This Starbucks customer who couldn't simply wait in line:

    16. And finally, this Subway customer who couldn't believe they had to wait for their HUGE order:

    A customer complains that they had to wait over an hour after ordering 63 foot-long subs with someone's reply: "Everyone who works in customer service should legally be allowed to fight one customer a year"
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    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars and r/mildlyinfuriating.