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    The Internet Is Freaking Out Over These Handbags That Look Like Real Food, And Wow, I'm Impressed

    I'm now very hungry and very impressed.

    When I first saw a preview of this TikTok of what looked like an ordinary loaf of bread, I had to do a double take. I noticed it had over 1.7 million views and was like, "WAIT, WHAT?" I felt compelled to watch more...

    A loaf of bread on a table, next to it being wrapped in plastic like any bread you'd find in a grocery store

    That's when I realized (after reading the caption and watching the full video) that this was not, in fact, a loaf of bread — it was a PURSE!

    If you're impressed, meet the designer behind it: Rommy Kuperus, the founder and owner of Rommydebommy. The 30-year-old full-time artist and bag designer is from the Netherlands, and her eye-catching creations have earned her nearly 274,000 followers on TikTok since she started posting on the app in June of this year.

    Rommy wears an elegant dress and gloves with a chocolate croissant purse

    BuzzFeed spoke to Rommy, who's been making these handbags for years and had previously built up a following on platforms like Instagram. Now, these TikToks showcasing the process of making her food-themed purses have been going viral. "I started my business eight years ago. When I started on TikTok, I got a lot of new followers and admirers," she said. "I am feeling really grateful! In the Netherlands, I don't have many fans; most of my followers are from the USA. In general, they appreciate art more than the Netherlands."

    Of course, the idea for these handbags came from Rommy's own love for food. "Since I was little, I was quite obsessed with food. Not so [much] how it tastes, but more so how it looks," she said. "All those different shapes and colors you find in the grocery store are absolutely amazing."

    "It always feel like I’m walking in an art museum when I’m walking around in a grocery store. I started making food-inspired accessories when I couldn’t find them in stores and online shops."

    Her handbags come in a variety of foods, and tbh, it just gets better and better.

    Here's this banana blueberry waffle purse — which has over 3.6 million views:

    Rommy wears a handbag that resembles a giant waffle covered in syrup, banana slices, and blueberries

    And this burger plate purse — which has over 1.6 million views:

    A purse that resembles a plate that has a burger, fries, and ketcheup

    These charming ice cream truck popsicle purses of Bugs Bunny and SpongeBob as well as Bubbles — which are giving all kinds of nostalgia:

    A purse that resembles those ice cream popsicles from childhood that are slightly misshapen animated characters

    This pepperoni pizza purse:

    A purse that resembles a freshly baked pepperoni pizza

    Or some of my personal faves — these sourdough purses:

    A purse that resembles a fresh sourdough bread and another one that is a loaf cut in half

    Rommy also gave more insight into her business, as she tends to get questions about the pricing and process. "Overall, the reaction I get is positive, only the younger generation doesn't understand the prices. My bags are 100% handmade, and every piece is shaped and painted with my own hands, which takes a lot of time and precision. It is a one-woman business, and I am doing every part by myself. You can imagine how many hours that will take."

    "The material I am mostly using is white clay, which I mix by myself. Then it needs to dry for at least a week before I can make it hollow from the inside, and after that, it needs to dry for another week before I can paint it."

    Rommy paints giant cinnamon rolls which were made from white clay

    "After painting, it will get a couple of gloss protection coats. The last part is the handmade lining, sewing, and attaching the hardware to the bag."

    She continues painting a cinnamon roll, adding color next to the finished product: glossy cinnamon rolls with tons of glaze

    I love watching the artistic process behind these bags, and several TikTok users have also become fans of her work — and leave entertaining comments (like these ones under the loaf of bread TikTok):

    One comment says, "A baguette if you will" and another says, "One day I swear; I don't even use purses, but one day I will be able to afford a bunch of these; I'm speaking it into existence"
    A comment says, "This is what y'all mean when you say let's get this bread?" next to another that says, "This needs so many more likes; I'm so obsessed; y'all do not even realize how much talent this takes" and a final comment: "What omg this is amazing"

    When it comes to fashion, Rommy enjoys thinking outside the box, and she's attracted fellow foodies who love unique accessories. "The people who buy my bags are not afraid to stand out!" she said. "Why can't it be a bag shaped like a banana or a sandwich?"

    Well, now I'm hungry, and these are super cute and fun!!! Which one's your fave? Let me know in the comments!

    For more of Rommy's creations, be sure to follow her on Instagram and TikTok and check out her website.