Older Adults Who Never Got Married, Tell Us The "Myths" About Being Single Later In Life That More People Should Know

    What do people get wrong about being single later in life?

    People often have unfair judgments and preconceived notions about single people, especially those further along in adulthood. So, if you've never been married as an older adult, there may be some assumptions and opinions you often hear that you want to correct.

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    So, older adults who never got married: Tell us the "myths" and misconceptions about your life that you want more people to know.

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    Like, maybe you're a woman who's always been told you'll be miserable and alone if you never got married and had kids — but you've found that your life is extremely fulfilled, you're surrounded by people who love you, and maybe even some of your married friends admitted that they are jealous of your life.

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    Or, on the other end, maybe people around you think you just don't want to settle down — but in reality, you've always wanted to find and marry the right person, but things have never worked out. So, you want to share the real struggles about singleness as an older adult that aren't always spoken about.

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    Perhaps you've had to deal with constant unsolicited advice and suggestions — especially about dating — from family and friends, and you want to explain exactly why it's unhelpful and unneeded.

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    Or maybe when you were younger, you thought that you'd be more "complete" if you were in a relationship. But after being in a few toxic relationships over the years, you realized how much more peace you've had on your own than with the wrong person.

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    We want to hear it all. Older adults who never got married, share the myths you (or others) believed about being single later in life — and the actual truth based on your experience. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.