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17 Not-So-Subtle Signs That Scream "I'm 'New Money' Rich"

Old money whispers; new money shouts.

Think you can tell the difference between rich people who are "old money" and "new money?" Well, people on Twitter apparently think it's blatantly obvious — and a little cringeworthy.

Here are just 17 things, according to them, that practically scream "new money" in the loudest possible way:

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1. Houses with an ~ultra~ modern design:

This and ultra modern design screams new money and I high key hate it. https://t.co/fcM4I21foF

Twitter: @SierraTownes

2. Watches that are so flashy, you can't even tell the time:

Screams “new money” and it’s so gauche. https://t.co/A5EXRtaOFy

Twitter: @Dixieann18

3. Expensive watches that aren't even properly fitted:

Y’all spending all this money on these timepieces. Then refuse to go get them properly fitted. An ill-fitting watch just screams “new money”

Twitter: @ShopNoFaceCase

4. LV bags and trips to Dubai:

Is there anything that screams ‘new money’ more than Louis V bags and holidays to Dubai?

Twitter: @alex_ward_15

5. Literally anything Gucci:

Gucci anything screams new money

Twitter: @cheribelIe

6. Moët & Chandon champagne:

Moèt & Chandon is a sign of new money

Twitter: @Madness_Madama

7. Huge designer logos on everything:

Twitter: @shotgunbabe1

8. Teeth work:

Nothing says new money like some teeth work, love it though!

Twitter: @briteeyebrian

9. Above-ground pools:

Nothing screams "new money" like an above ground pool

Twitter: @LoverPlaid

10. Two-story closets:

A two story closet screams “New Money”

Twitter: @SorryImSoRude

11. This...car???

This SCREAMS "new money" https://t.co/VcvFDz53Ig

Twitter: @s_wheelchair

12. Flexing about going to the Super Bowl ✨ every year ✨:

Nothing screams New Money more than "I go to the Superbowl every year."

Twitter: @NYTvows

13. This "modern" makeover:

Wtf why would they do that??? The 'after' picture just screams new money!😩😩😩 https://t.co/44FiUZshMM

Twitter: @aspiringgrownup
A "before" photo of an elegant room that has traditional architecture, such as an arch and pillars that's completely transformed in an "after" photo where all the architecture is gone and simplified for a modern look

14. Letting everyone on social media know when you're at a luxury store:

Beyond tacky and screams new money https://t.co/0VqgJawkUW

Twitter: @gdotlondon

15. Posting pricey restaurant bills online:

One thing I'm never doing is posting my restaurant bill no matter how expensive it is. Screams new money

Twitter: @charlie_ccb

16. Just, like, making ~money~ your whole personality:

It screams new money and usually they’re fronting about how much they have/make 🥱 https://t.co/WM8dIwAeCJ

Twitter: @MondeKiara

17. And finally, calling a car "foreign":

When people call a car a “foreign” it screams new money…

Twitter: @dontcrashh

LOL. What do you think? What are some other obvious "new money" signs? Let us know in the comments below!