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    People Are Calling Out School Practices That Are Unethical, And I Can't Even Believe These Exist

    "We only have one bathroom open in our high school. There are thousands of kids."

    Unfortunately, some schools have rules that are unfair and super problematic — and people are pointing them out.


    Recently redditor u/hugscar asked the internet, "What are unethical practices schools do?" and people shared a ton of eye-opening responses based on their own experiences in school.

    A teacher speaks to students in a classroom
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    Here are some of the top-voted ones:

    1. "Not letting kids go to the toilet when they need to."

    "I distinctly remember one kid in my German class bursting into tears because he couldn’t hold it in any longer. He asked at least three times."


    2. "Our assembly room/gymnasium had the fire escape doors chained shut, and the police department was aware of it."


    3. "Limiting kids access to water (i.e., you can’t have your drink bottle at the table)."

    A young person opens a plastic water bottle to drink outside
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    "It sucks when you live in Australia. In the summer, the temperature gets up to 36 degrees Celsius (96.8 Fahrenheit) — and school is during all the hottest hours of the day."


    4. "Bullied and harassed students having the same repercussions as their bully for defending themselves."


    5. "Firing lunchroom staff for serving food to poor students whose families can't afford to pay."


    6. "This is probably very specific to my home country, but period checks. I'm from Malaysia, and yes, sadly this is a thing, and I've witnessed it firsthand. Mostly to make sure girls aren't lying about their periods just to get out of prayer activities."


    7. "One of my PE teachers used to record our periods in her register so she could give detentions when we said we couldn't take a shower after the session with that as a reason."

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    "We wanted to avoid the showers as they were open plan, and we were made to shower together in front of each other. For a growing girl, it was horrible."


    8. "Only having one bathroom open in a high school. There are thousands of kids."


    "Closing every single bathroom because of one fight in a bathroom. We have 28 bathrooms in our school, and all of them are closed."


    9. "Giving preference to kids whose parents donate money and fraternize with teachers/headmasters."


    10. "Lowering a school's funding if the SAT scores are low. If the scores are low, there should be more funding to help kids learn!"

    A student fills in answers for a multiple-chose exam
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    11. "In the case of a fire, I think it’s stupid we have to go in alphabetical order."

    "So Adam is happy and healthy, but Zach just turned into ash. In my opinion, they should all just get in a line, no matter what."


    12. "Requiring students to purchase brand-new textbooks from the college bookstore — because that's the only way to get the access code to complete the required assignments on the publisher's website."


    13. "When bullied students are told to leave because it's easier to kick out a quiet victim than a loud bully."


    14. "Zero-tolerance policies. Oh, that kid hit you for no reason? You're both suspended, zero tolerance!"

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    "It's an excuse not to investigate."


    15. "My school's gym teacher not only didn't stop bullying, but openly supported it because 'them little soft sensitive f**ks need to be taught how rough the real world is,' and he would cheer on the bullies when he saw them beating up other students."

    "'Good gym teachers are hard to find here, so he's staying' was the school's answer to that."


    16. "For about a year, I worked for a federal student loan servicer. People would call in, and I'd try to help them find a way to manage their student loans. I don't want to really unravel the student loan thing, but there are financial aid offices out there that are straight-up lying to their potential students."

    "If I had one person tell me that they were told they wouldn't have to pay back their loans if they graduated, I'd chalk it up to that person being an idiot. When I had 10 people telling me they were told that, I think there's someone misinforming them."


    17. "Passing students who aren't ready for the next grade because they need to pad their passing rates to keep funding. It's setting the kids up for failure down the road."


    18. "Making school start at 7 a.m."

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    "The bus route comes by your house before 6:30 a.m., so you have to get up around 5:30 to 6 a.m. every morning. Then, say you have an extracurricular activity that takes at least two hours, but if it’s a sports game, it’s probably closer to at least four hours. Then, let’s say you have a test tomorrow as well as some homework, so you study/work for at least two hours. At this point, you have spent well over half your day doing school-related activities. If you want to get a full eight hours of sleep (which is unlikely), that leaves you with about two hours of 'free time' per day — which a good chunk of is probably spent eating a meal, showering, getting ready for the next day, etc. And then, people are surprised when teenagers are always tired, depressed, and anxious."


    19. "Making kids sell magazines or whatever. Should be 100% illegal, and I dunno what kind of parents stand for that BS."


    20. "Awarding 'perfect attendance.' Encouraging kids to go to school while sick is pretty unethical if you ask me."


    21. "Too much homework. Let kids be kids. A little homework is good, but god, don't drown the kids in it."

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    22. "Collective punishment. One or two pupils misbehave, and the entire class gets punished for it."


    23. "Convincing kids that a four-year institution after graduation is the best choice for everyone."


    And finally...

    24. "Dress code policing, especially for girls. It's demeaning."

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    "At my school, they made all the girls walk into a classroom and get down on their knees in front of their male classmates to measure our uniform skirts and make sure they weren't too short and were up to code. Extremely humiliating as middle schoolers and completely uncalled for."


    What other school practices are unethical? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.