15 Extremely Entitled People Who Should Be Banned From All Restaurants Everywhere

    Turns out, the customer is *not* always right.

    1. This influencer who wanted a free meal in exchange for free advertising:

    2. This couple who left their server a horrible message on the receipt:

    3. This guy who expected a vegan restaurant to have nonvegan options???

    4. This person who thought they should get a refund for their leftovers:

    5. This "best customer" who got kicked out after bringing in food from ANOTHER restaurant:

    6. This person who decided not to give a tip after not getting a free birthday dessert:

    7. And this person who expected his ENTIRE birthday meal to be free:

    8. This person who got mad at a restaurant for closing because of COVID-19:

    9. This person who thought that a pandemic meant they deserved discounts from affected local restaurants:

    10. This customer who offered to pay for these strangers' meals — and then was surprised when he actually had to pay:

    11. This person who thought a local restaurant should offer free childcare:

    12. This Starbucks customer who had a lot of demands over a breakfast sandwich:

    13. This couple who expected free food for celebrating their engagement:

    14. This one-star review that left out some important details — like getting a free replacement pizza for their order:

    15. And finally, these customers who thought they could get away with not paying for the food they ordered — and this restaurant that called them out:

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars.