17 Screenshots Of Lazy, Entitled, And Childish Husbands Who Prove That Weaponized Incompetence Is Indeed REAL

    I can't believe these husbands are real people.

    1. This husband who opens a new jar EVERY TIME he wants jam instead of finishing the last one:

    Jars in the fridge

    2. This husband who carried the donut box vertically:

    Smashed donuts

    3. This husband who put the silverware away:

    Messy silverware

    4. This husband who was asked to put the groceries in the freezer:

    A grocery bag in the freezer

    5. This husband who said he'd finish painting this wall after his spouse tore their rotator cuff:

    A badly painted wall

    According to the OP, the husband says it's "done":

    A badly painted wall

    Um... You missed a spot.

    A badly painted wall

    6. This husband who ate the top off this meatloaf his spouse just cooked:

    A destroyed meatloaf

    7. This husband who throws trash directly into the pantry:

    Trash in the pantry

    8. This husband who did this monstrosity to the toothpaste:

    9. This husband who said "not to worry" about the new shelving unit:

    A hole in the shelving unit


    A hole in the shelving unit

    10. This husband who was supposed to put a bag in the trash can — but instead, he put the whole trash can on the counter for his spouse to do it:

    Trash can on the counter

    11. This husband who put this amount of milk back in the fridge:

    An almost-empty milk jug

    Well then.

    12. This husband who wrote the date that he opened this orange juice:


    13. This husband who opened this cheese...from the bottom corner:

    A badly-opened bag of cheese

    14. This husband who leaves his dirty clothes on the floor — despite the fact that there are four laundry baskets he can use:

    Clothes on the floor next to a hamper

    15. This husband who changed the toilet paper roll and was sooo close to actually throwing away the old one:

    Toilet paper roll on the floor

    16. This husband who cut the corn bread:

    Badly cut corn bread

    17. And finally, this husband who leaves a lovely stash of empty wrappers and trash in the house:

    Trash on the floor

    To all these husbands: "Side eye...SIDE EYE!!!"