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Solo Travelers, What’s A Hotel Safety Tip That More People Should Know?

How do you make your hotel stay safe and secure?

Solo travel can be an amazing but daunting experience — so taking steps to ensure your trip is safe can make you feel 1,000 times more prepared.

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So solo travelers, when it comes to hotels and lodging, what are some helpful safety tips that more people should know?

A suitcase stands in front of a neatly made bed in a hotel room, likely suggesting travel or a stay

Maybe there are safety devices to keep your room secure that you never travel without — like a door stop alarm that alerts you if someone enters your room.

Man in a business suit exiting a room through an open door

Perhaps you have advice when it comes to booking or researching a hotel, like looking for one with security cameras in public spaces, such as the lobby, hallways, or parking lots — or not booking a room on the first floor (since it's more likely to be broken into).

people checking into their hotel at the front desk

Or maybe you'd suggest NEVER sharing your hotel info or room number out loud, especially in public areas.

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Or perhaps you'd recommend always making it "seem" like you're in your room, even when you're not there — by leaving the TV on or using the "do not disturb" door sign.

Sign on door handle reads "Please Do Not Disturb"

We want to hear all your advice! In the comments below, share a hotel safety tip you'd recommend while solo traveling — and why it's needed. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.