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Tell Us About Something Good That Happened To You This Week

More wholesome content, please.

Even during the coronavirus outbreak, positive stories are still happening every day. In times like these, spreading good news can make a challenging situation a bit more hopeful.


So, we’d like to know something good that happened to YOU this week!


Maybe your friends threw you a surprise ~Skype~ birthday party, and it was a virtual celebration that should go down in history.

Comedy Central

Or perhaps a neighbor helped you get some much-needed groceries, and the inspiring story deserves some attention.

RCA Records

Or maybe you’ve had more time for old hobbies, and you just finished a painting that could impress Bob Ross.


In the comments below, share a story about something good, exciting, or wholesome that happened to you this week — and feel free to submit photos — for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!