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What’s Something Good That Happened To You This Week?

I’m ready to sip that ~good news~ tea ☕.

In one way or another, the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for just about everyone. But despite it all, positive stories are still happening, and sharing good news can ~spark~ some joy during this difficult time.

So, tell us something good that happened to ~you~ this week!

Like, maybe you gave your place a satisfying deep clean and found a long-lost $200 in the couch, and now you’re feeling like royalty.

Or maybe you had some much-needed family time while quarantining at home, and you have an epic photo from the last family game night.

Or perhaps you’ve been adjusting to giving virtual lessons as a teacher, and you received a thoughtful message from a student that really made you feel appreciated.

If you’re in favor of wholesome content, tell us your news! In the comments below, share a story about something good, exciting, or wholesome that happened to you this week — and feel free to submit photos — for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!