25 Things Millennials And Gen Z'ers Do That Are Actually Very "Toxic"

    "Gen Z learned the word 'toxic' and hasn't stopped since then."

    It's no secret that Gen Z'ers and millennials have roasted each other online for quite some time now — and TBH, it can get pretty messy. So, here are just 25 times Gen Z'ers and millennials called each other out for being "toxic":

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    1. According to millennials, Gen Z'ers are wayyy too gullible online:

    gen z making fun of their parents for believing everything they see on facebook when they do the exact same shit just with different form of social media 😭

    Twitter: @cinnabunbimbo

    2. But according to Gen Z'ers, millennials can't take a joke:

    millennials always calling somebody sensitive but u make a joke about them being old and here they come ready to throw they cane at u

    Twitter: @tysh444n

    3. Millennials think Gen Z'ers overuse the word "toxic":

    Gen Z learned the word 'toxic' and hasn't stopped since then.

    Twitter: @Pragaticreates

    4. Gen Z'ers think millennials believe they're ~experts~ on everything:

    Millennials will say things like “I’m not pretentious” and on the same day be like “that wasn’t REAL charcuterie”

    Twitter: @phileagle_

    5. According to millennials, Gen Z'ers are wayyy too preoccupied with them:

    I heard Gen Z is making fun of millennials on TIKTOK for wearing skinny jeans. You just found out what Jordan’s are. Let’s all just calm down.

    Twitter: @L1LDebbie

    6. But, like, millennials are "annoyingly" obsessed with Gen Z:

    the most annoying current millennial trait is being perfomatively into Gen Z

    Twitter: @AsteadWesley

    7. Apparently, Gen Z'ers just steal things from other people:

    gen z has no personality they just steal everyone else’s

    Twitter: @adamtyIer

    8. Millennials think everything needs to be a "side hustle":

    Normalizing side hustle culture is one of the greatest scams late stage capitalism pulled on millennials.

    Twitter: @RealFlagSmasher

    9. Gen Z'ers romanticize everything:

    okay but why do we (gen z ) make everything a fucking aesthetic, like I just saw a lawyer aesthetic video that glamorizes the life of a lawyer, y'all realize that being a lawyer isn't just ✨old libraries, and ✨a fancy outfit

    Twitter: @whoscountingrep

    10. Millennials complain about everything:

    Millennials hopping on tiktok and throwing a fit because Gen Z has different fashion, style and music preferences is giving real big Boomer on Facebook complaining about “kids these days” energy. Fellow millennials, please stop. You’re embarrassing us.

    Twitter: @yo_era_mark

    11. Gen Z'ers have been called out for taking AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and calling it "Gen Z slang":

    i don’t understand when white gen z say that aave is “gen z language” when ja’bria and the rest of them kids in those videos y’all like so much speak like that when they’re 5. you 18 and just learning about the word “finna.” y’all are not the same.

    Twitter: @laymagdalene

    12. And millennials have been called out for repeating toxic cycles from previous generations:

    I was really hoping millennials would be the generation to end the cycle of shitting on the next one but then you assholes went and created “cringe culture” and act like Gen Z kids doing Fortnite dances or making TikToks is the death culture.

    Twitter: @thetomska

    13. Gen Z'ers date like this:

    The dating culture in gen z sucks. Don’t feel like it’s working? Ghost. Wanna meet? Swipe right. Need to say smthng uncomfy? Text. Bored? Fubu WE DESERVE REAL LIFE CONNECTION.

    Twitter: @LeetongMikaela

    14. And millennials date like this:

    “We’re not in a relationship! We’re just exclusively dating and staying at each others places most nights. It’s been going on for about 7 months.” -90% of the millennials I know.

    Twitter: @DanielBGreene

    15. Gen Z'ers forget that millennials have invented a lot of their favorite things:

    Not gen z making fun of millennials on apps created by millennials

    Twitter: @MacDoesIt

    16. And millennials love acting like they're v important:

    Millennials love referring to a customer as “client”. A dash of fabricated importance goes a long way.

    Twitter: @zachfromcorp

    17. Gen Z'ers advocate for mental health but...:

    @mlnchlyhill @tubbirfess most of gen z be like “mental health is important” but then ✨b u l l y i n g ✨

    Twitter: @faytheday

    18. And millennials can also be hypocritical:

    Millennial culture is preaching about the importance of paper straw while drinking out of a plastic cup

    Twitter: @KimChi_Chic

    19. Gen Z'ers are always on their phones:

    Millennials hanging out VS Gen Z hanging out.

    Twitter: @jaysonrogue / Shutterstock

    20. And millennials are always starting podcasts:

    Someone told me “Starting a podcast is the millennial version of let’s start a band” and I can’t stop thinking about it

    Twitter: @markimusbrutus

    21. Gen Z'ers think everyone is old:

    Gen Z needs to stop calling folks in their 30s and 40s old.

    Twitter: @MR_STiXX

    22. And millennials can act like boomers:

    Millennials that act like boomers are 11/10 toxic.

    Twitter: @BigHarrison84

    23. Gen Z'ers are always aggressive:

    how is Gen Z aggressive yet hypersensitive at the same time?

    Twitter: @Hibzster

    24. And millennials make a ~personality trait~ out of everything:

    why would you put “crippling depression” in your tinder profile like it’s a fun and quirky personality trait? See this is why people think millennials are cringe

    Twitter: @mayhueeee

    25. And last but not least, Gen Z'ers come up with some trends that mayyybe don't need to exist:

    @last__lane @bacardichaserss @obviousluca @P0SITIONZ Who’s gonna tell her that gen z “edginess” is eating tide pods

    Twitter: @darealalexis_

    YIKES. Well, if there's anything Gen Z'ers and millennials have in common, they love a good roast.

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