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23 Jokes That Prove Modern Dating Is A Flaming Hot Dumpster Fire, But At Least We Can Laugh About It

PSA: The dating pool is not looking too good at the moment. 😬

So...modern dating is a bit chaotic right now.

BUT people on the internet have still found a way to laugh about it. So, here are 23 tweets about dating these days that mayyyy just lighten the mood as you scroll through those dating apps:

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1. There's the moment you delete all your apps and decide you'll just meet your soulmate out in the wild:

I have once again deleted all my dating apps. From now on I shall meet prospective suitors the way nature intended: wearing bright flashy colours and doing a lil mating dance in a house I have constructed from sticks and spit

Twitter: @clareblackwood

2. And then you redownload them all over again:

Re-downloading tinder is a humbling moment.

Twitter: @JTBreathnach

3. You may be tempted to start charging people for your time:

Twitter: @mollxschar

4. You never know what message someone will send you right before a date:

I’m deleting dating apps and going back to bed with my vibrator

Twitter: @abbygov

5. There's a chance you've told your friends that you've quit dating apps a few times now:

When you once again quit dating apps…

@bomanizer / TikTok / Via Twitter: @Bomanizer

6. But you'll find love when you least expect it, of course:

ditch the dating apps. have faith that the perfect one for you will appear out of thin air when the time is right.

Twitter: @mane3sha

7. There's the endless swiping:

Me being unreasonably picky on dating apps

Twitter: @colombochar

8. The dry conversations:

hinge conversation i just had: me: “what’s something you really enjoy? like, you’ll die for this thing—“ him: “food… i love food.”

Fox / Via Twitter: @Anania00

9. The fishing pictures:

Men. Why are you all holding fish in your profile pictures for dating? Do you think we look at you and go “this man can feed me”, EXPLAIN YOURSELVES.

Twitter: @alliejayne_

10. The ghosting:

@katewillett Dating apps in the near future will be AI bots responding and ghosting each other

Twitter: @sometimes_salty

11. The Hinge prompts:

I actually appreciate when men on hinge put “a girl who can actually hold a conversation” under the looking for prompt so I can know they hate women up front

Twitter: @blairsocci

12. The seeing people from your hometown:

going to your hometown and swiping on tinder is like looking through the yearbook but much worse

Twitter: @uhhmmily

13. The getting randomly banned:

being banned on tinder, bumble, AND hinge for literally no reason whatsoever in the middle of a cold and rainy cuffing season is in fact my villain origin story

Twitter: @jasminericegirl

14. It's a lot to take in:

tinder is great if you want to remember why being alone is just fine actually

Twitter: @danielleweisber

15. Like, someone needs to answer this question:

would love to read something about what happens now with dating, everyone I speak to who is also dating/trying to just seems so miserable about it, the apps are uninspiring, people seem on the defensive/ghosting everywhere, like where does it go from here

Twitter: @hansmollman

16. Dating has also taken over other apps — like using your Instagram Stories to impress your crush:

having a crush is so crazy like what should i wear to my story today

Twitter: @taeseru

17. Maybe there's still hope at Home Depot or something:

I’m just gonna delete my dating apps and head to Lowe’s to “look confused” in the lumber isle

Twitter: @Chicken__Queen

18. Dating gives you some good stories:

a girl on TikTok talking about how she had a Hinge date, texted him letting her know she was on her way, got on the tube, he replied while she’s underground and by the time she arrived and had reception back, he’d already spiralled and blocked lol we’re in the PITS.

Twitter: @nattykasambala

19. Sometimes, the person you went on that first date with years ago comes back...

6months since his last message, 18months since I last saw him, 4.5yrs since our first date… and Soldier Boy is back in touch… interestingly via text and not WhatsApp…

Twitter: @girl_tinder

...yup, even when they're married:

Screenshot of a text conversation

20. You may need to be clear about what you're looking for:

Twitter: @ngocbbuii

21. I love it.

Twitter: @LuciaOC_

22. But, hey, sometimes you find a gem:

you use LinkedIn for jobs I use Bumble we’re not the same bro 😭

Twitter: @theadnaankhan
Screenshot of a text conversation

23. In conclusion, this:

Dating apps aren’t as bad as people claim. They are worse.

Twitter: @anammostarac

LOL. So, tell me: What's the wildest date you've ever been on from a dating app? Feel free to share in the comments below!