14 Screenshots Of Entitled Brides Making Shocking, Wild, And Ridiculous Demands For Their Wedding

    Imagine forcing people to pay $2,000 to be in a wedding party. 😳

    1. This bride's list of ✨ rules and regulations ✨ — which include not talking to the bride AT ALL:

    2. This bride who wants their caterers to work for free AND buy expensive new clothes for the wedding:

    3. This bride who's charging people $1,000 to be in the wedding party:

    4. And this bride who expects her bridesmaids to spend a whopping $2,000 on wedding activities:

    5. This bride who has an endless list of demands for a cheap photographer/videographer:

    6. This bride who literally canceled her wedding because guests didn't pay for it:

    7. This bride who tried to get a makeup artist to reduce their prices by HALF — and pay for their own travel expenses:

    Screenshot of a text conversation
    Screenshot of a text conversation

    8. This bride who's charging guests $75 per plate:

    9. This bride who wants guests to donate $30k for the wedding:

    10. This bride who wants her single friend to pay $700 to stay in a guest house, cook meals for everyone, and sleep on a couch:

    11. This bride who wants this floral designer to work several hours for free:

    12. This bride who wants a coworker to complete multiple art pieces for her wedding on short notice — then gets mad when it's declined:

    Screenshot of a text conversation
    "god, you clearly don't understand the STRESS and PAIN that it takes to plan a wedding, do you?"
    "Go fuck yourself. Worst coworker ever. Uninvited."

    13. This bride who wants the photographer to give a discount — and take photos in another photographer's style:

    14. And finally, this bride's gift registry — which includes designer clothes, a new car, and new floor tiles for her entire house:

    WHEW. What do you think of these? What's the most entitled thing you've seen a bride do? Let us know in the comments below.

    H/T: r/ChoosingBeggars