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Divorced People, What Do You Wish You Knew Before You Got Married?

What should people know before tying the knot?

If you've been through a divorce, there may be some surprising things you learned about marriage that you would've loved to know beforehand.

So, do you have any surprising advice or insight about marriage that you WISH you knew back then?

Maybe you have some eye-opening wedding advice, like you think spending a ton of money on a big wedding isn't worth it — and you think couples should spend more money on other investments that could help their relationship, like pre-marital counseling.

Perhaps you have other financial tips — like maybe you believe that married couples should keep their finances separate because it can prevent HUGE disagreements over money later on.

Or maybe you feel like you had kids too soon and it put a strain on your marriage — and you'd encourage newlywed couples to wait longer before planning to have a family.

What do YOU think people should know before tying the knot?

In the comments below, tell us which shocking, unexpected, or important lessons you wish you knew before you got married — and why. Or if you prefer to remain anonymous, submit your answer through this Google form. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.