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Which "Normal" Dating Tactics Are Actually Toxic?

These dating rules HAVE to go.

You've probably heard countless "rules" to follow when it comes to dating.

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But I want to know: Which "normal" dating tactics are actually toxic?


Maybe you think playing hard to get — like, waiting a certain amount of time to text someone back JUST to seem busy — is simply playing mind games.

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Or maybe you think looking for "the one" sets unrealistic expectations for the person you're on a date with.

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Perhaps you find advice like "don't change yourself for anyone" problematic. Like, you think you SHOULD be your authentic self, but you should also be willing to do some self-reflection when you're dating.


Or perhaps you're completely over the idea that "dating is a numbers game" and think it should be more about forming good connections than just going on as many dates as possible.

Someone holds roses for a date behind their back
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Let's get real. In the comments below, tell us which common dating advice/dating tactics are actually toxic — and WHY — for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!