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    People Are Confessing The Worst Things They Did As Kids, And Some Of These Stories Are Actually Horrifying

    Long story short: DON'T play with hedge shears.

    Kids can do some really messed-up things.


    A while ago, we wrote this post where people shared the most messed up things they did as kids, and honestly, it's a lot.


    In the comments, more people from the BuzzFeed Community shared stories of things they did as kids that they seriously regret. Here are some of the wildest ones:

    1. This messy idea:

    "The first time my mom let us go to Target alone, my friends, cousins, sister, and I thought it was a good idea to squirt soap all over the floor in an aisle. ... I still feel awful that someone had to clean that up. Can you imagine cleaning 20–30 bottles of liquid soap off the floor? I hope no one got hurt."


    2. This hooky routine:

    "I had a really tough time in high school, so I would pretend to leave in the mornings to get the bus just when my mom was getting in the shower, but then I’d sneak back upstairs and go back to sleep in the closet. Made it nice and comfortable in there with some blankets. I got away with it for a couple weeks, but eventually, my mom needed something from the closet and caught me. It was a really interesting conversation."


    3. This sneaky ice cream seller:

    A kid holds a jar of coins
    Nora Carol Photography / Getty Images

    "My elementary school had a small ice cream freezer, and some of the fifth-grade beta club would go to the other grades' lunches to sell the ice cream. I was one of the students who would sell the ice cream, and I sold it 15 or so times over the school year. But a few times, I would take $0.75–$1 from the money box so I could get my own ice cream at my lunch."


    4. This cruel joke:

    "When I was in fifth grade, I went to New York to visit my aunt. We were all in my cousin's room using his ties to tie people's hands behind their back. So I decided it would be funny to tie my little brother's (5 at the time) hands behind his back and lock him in my other cousin's room by himself. He was screaming and crying until we were finally able to coach him into unlocking the door. I've never lived this down, and it always pops up in my head every once in a while."


    5. This uncontrollable laugh:

    "I was a shy and quiet kid who was pretty nice to everyone, but there’s one thing I feel horrible about. In fifth grade, I thought this girl’s voice was hilarious; I don’t know why, because it was a normal voice. I didn’t want to laugh and felt bad, but I couldn’t always hold it in. I laughed at her nearly every time she talked for so long — and she was still nice to me. I’ve felt awful about it for years :(."


    6. This suuuper gross drink:

    A bunch of soda bottles
    Rapideye / Getty Images

    "In high school, my best friend was playing sax in band at a basketball game. Our other friend had to use the bathroom, but they were locked so he peed in a mostly empty Pepsi bottle. As we were headed back to our seats, my friend playing the sax, who sat front row, stole the Pepsi bottle out of my friend’s hand and chugged it. He didn’t believe us even though it was like 75% pee. Fast-forward two years, and four of us including the pee-drinking saxophone player went on spring break to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to go snowboarding. We decided to see if he really couldn’t taste it, so we all bought our own two liters of pop that we wanted for the week, and he got Mountain Dew Code Red. We poured out at least half, and two of us filled it back up with pee. He proceeded to drink all of it over the course of four days. We were a-holes when we were 17."


    7. This painful argument:

    "In elementary school, I pulled a chunk of my friend's hair out when I got into an argument with her. Though, to be fair, she was insulting my other friend and I had to 'defend her honor.'"


    8. This innocent question:

    "I innocently asked my dad if that was a banana in his pocket or he was happy to see me. Was about 8 and had no idea what it meant. He couldn’t look me in the eye for days. My mom asked me if I understood what I had asked; I lied and said yes. It was years before the horror of what I asked hit me."


    9. This colorful revenge:

    A child holds a bunch of crayons
    Cristinairanzo / Getty Images

    "There was a boy in kindergarten who was always super mean to me, so one day, I pushed his crayon box into the sunlit windowsill, and they all melted together. #NoRegrets."


    10. This truth-or-dare game gone wrong:

    "In fifth or sixth grade, I was invited to a friend's birthday party. Another friend of mine was also invited as well as a few other students from school. We played truth and dare, and the other friend (not birthday girl) dared me to kiss my crush. This is already embarrassing enough, especially for a 10-year-old if they had a crush. I didn’t like anyone there, but she kept insisting I kiss my crush, even though I kept saying I didn’t have one. Eventually, I got so frustrated and embarrassed that I ended up punching her in the face and gave her a huge bruise on her cheek. Her mom was so mad at me, even after the other students explained what had happened. I feel awful, especially since I let my temper get the better of me, but I don’t really regret it..."


    11. This call for help:

    "When I was around 5, my mom took me and my brother (10 at the time) to a department store to get new clothes. This was back in the day when clothing racks were circular and had a little space in the middle. I was playing around and crawled into the middle of one and refused to come out. My mom kept getting frustrated because she couldn’t crawl on her hands and knees to get me. Finally, she had my brother drag me out. Then, as she was rushing out of the store, embarrassed, I started yelling, ‘This isn’t my mom! Help!’ — which is what I had been taught to do if I were ever kidnapped. I’m surprised she wasn’t stopped and arrested for that! She was so mad at me when we got home [that] she spanked me (the only time in my life)."


    12. This pee fiasco:

    George Mdivanian / Getty Images / EyeEm

    "When I was around middle school age, I went to use the bathroom and didn’t realize the lid was closed, so when I sat down, the force of the lid made my bladder release and pee sprayed all over the lid and on the floor. I wiped off the lid, but I didn’t notice the floor got wet. An hour or two later, I hear my mom scolding my brother about missing the toilet and not cleaning it up. She made him clean the bathroom. I said nothing. He deserved it, though, because he was always making huge messes that I always ended up having to clean."


    13. This carpet makeover:

    "In kindergarten, I grabbed a crayon at nap time and drew on the carpet, and my teacher asked who did it; I didn’t tell her, and we all said it was a ghost. Nobody knows this happened — not even my family. I still kept it a secret, but the carpet got taken out like three years ago LOL. I still feel bad to this day."


    14. These toy thieves:

    "When I was younger, my mom often dragged me and my sister to the store. ... My sister and I used to go to the toy section and find small toys, such as My Little Pony or something, and shove them into our giant purses we insisted on carrying around. We only took toys that had already been opened, so at least we had somewhat good morals. To this day, I still feel kinda bad about that."


    15. This bite:

    A close-up of a kid opening their mouth as if to bite something
    Rob Lewine / Getty Images / Tetra images RF

    "When I was in kindergarten, this girl on the school bus kept harassing me. She was pulling my hair, touching my face, sticking her fingers in my ears, and pinching me. I told her like four times to stop, and she didn’t. So I grabbed her arm and bit her as hard as I could.

    Obviously I got in trouble, but my teacher and I were not communicating well. She asked me where I bit her (meaning where on her body). I said on the bus, thinking she meant where did this take place. Teacher heard 'butt' instead of 'bus' and was incredibly confused. My mom still laughs about that phone call she got."


    16. This decision:

    "In sixth grade, there was a kid in my class who was annoying me. He already had two check marks on the board for bad behavior, and he'd gotten up to do something, so I just stuck my foot out into the walkway and tripped him. He fell, and the teacher accused him of falling for attention and gave him his third check mark. I still feel horrible about it."


    17. This pencil stealer:

    "When I was in third grade, I was in advanced math, so I went to a different classroom for that class. When I was bored, I would steal the mechanical pencils from the kids who would normally sit at those desks during the rest of the day. Then, I would take them back to my normal class and sell the pencils to my classmates for school money. I eventually caved and told my mom...and had to buy mechanical pencils to replace the ones I stole. The funny thing is a bunch of students were accusing their classmates of stealing their pencils, when it was actually just me."


    18. And this pencil incident:

    A pencil laying on a school desk
    Stella / Getty Images / fStop

    "When I was younger, somewhere between first and third grade, I stabbed my best friend in the arm with a pencil. It was stuck there and everything 😬. I'm still so embarrassed and ashamed when I remember that, even though I was very young and a completely different person then."


    19. This scary prank call:

    "When I was in sixth grade at a sleepover, my friend wanted to make some prank calls (pre-caller ID or *69, of course). I dared her to dial a random number and pretend to be a lost little kid looking for her dad. She did and got some nice older guy who was horrified by her fake but very convincing story that her dad had dropped her off at the movie theater by herself and had given her that phone number to call after the movie was over. This poor guy was so panicky trying to figure out how to help her. Eventually, she just got bored and hung up, but I’ve always thought about that nice, unsuspecting man on a Friday night sitting at home freaking out, trying to help a seemingly abandoned little kid. ... Thirty-four years later, and I still feel serious guilt about it."


    20. This magnetic trick:

    "When I was about 9, I had one of those spirograph sets [that came with] these magnets. ... I can't remember what led me to do it, but I found out that [putting the] magnets on the screen of my parents' old television (that used to belong to my grandad) made pretty colors. I ruined a few TVs with that revelation."


    21. And finally, this horrifying experiment:

    "When I was in elementary school, a few friends and I were playing in the backyard and found a pair of those large hedge shears. We thought it would be hilarious if two of us got on the swing set and one of us tried to catch the other two with it?! One girl ended up cutting another girl really badly in the leg; she still has a huge scar. I don’t know what we were thinking, but now I make sure we don’t leave this stuff out for our kids to find."



    WELP. What's one messed-up thing you did as a kid that you regret? Let us know in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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