37 Unintentionally Funny Screenshots Of Baby Boomer Messages That'll Make You Cackle

    Listen...technology isn't for everyone.

    1. These capital numbers:

    2. This confused thumbs-up sender:

    Person texts a thumbs-up emoji and thinks the other person has sent the emoji and accepted their payment offer of $4K

    3. This Facebook user who posted his late-night Google searches:

    4. This phone number request:

    5. This father-in-law who gave a whole new meaning to the word "screenshot":

    6. This super-threatening Snapchat reply:

    7. This QR codes question — because where DO they all go...?

    8. This Facebook comment sent to the wrong person:

    9. This minimalistic happy birthday reply:

    10. This Bitmoji that was accidentally used on the wrong occasion:

    11. This really, really confusing conversation between parents:

    12. This private conversation posted on a public Facebook page:

    13. This dad who couldn't care less:

    14. This rather smiley Facebook announcement:

    15. All these emojis — coupled with the most bewildering message:

    16. This mom who was NOT going for this emoji:

    17. This coworker who decided to include all of this in one message:

    18. This inappropriate use of an emoji:

    19. This Siri fail:

    20. This grandma who likes to keep her cooking secrets to herself:

    21. This very blunt delivery:

    22. This attempted Google search via iMessage:

    23. This raunchy Bitmoji:

    24. This funny autocorrect fail:

    25. This Facebook user who's looking for "anyone who is DTF":

    Person posts "Looking for anyone who is DTF I'm new to the area god bless" and thinks it means "down town familiar"

    26. This blurred photo and message that together feel oddly concerning:

    27. This cryptic timeline:

    28. This hamburger question:

    29. This tuba that mysteriously appeared in the conversation:

    30. This accidentally (???) sent message:

    31. This Twitter user who did NOT give permission for this:

    32. This Facebook user who couldn't stand to be in this group any longer:

    33. This commenter who left an angry review for Walmart — on an Elmer's Glue ad:

    34. This Facebook commenter who doesn't want to see the weather station's page anymore:

    35. This clapping emoji: