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    15 Oddly Specific Classroom Moments You Completely Forgot About But Totally Experienced

    Every teacher ever: "I'll wait."

    1. What every teacher said when students wouldn't stop talking:

    A TikToker, pretending to be a teacher with a noisy class, clears their throat then folds their arms and says, "I'll wait"
    http://@subhi.taha / Via

    the pursed lips & raised eyebrows trigger me til this day HHAHA #teachers

    ♬ original sound - subhi.taha

    2. And sometimes, their facial expressions said it all:

    This person pretends to be a teacher making obvious facial expressions of disappointment as they wait for the class to settle down
    @leogonzall / Via

    LMAO the petty “I’ll wait” faces that teachers make while waiting for the class to quiet down • Instagram: @LeoGonzall

    ♬ original sound - Leo González

    3. That feeling when you had to read out loud:

    This TikToker pretends to look frightened before having to read their textbook out loud
    @cloppppp260 / Via



    Reading out loud in grade school was terrifying 😂😂 #ProblemSolved #nostalgia #millennial

    ♬ original sound - Clop

    4. How a principal would pull you out of class if you were in trouble:

    This person pretends to be a principal quietly knocking on an open door then gesturing at a student to follow them outside the classroom
    @neemanaz / Via

    POV: I’m your principal and you’re in big trouble 😈 #funny #fyp #comedy #teachers #principal #school

    ♬ original sound - NeemaNaz

    5. Getting chosen to calibrate the smart board made you feel like a celebrity:

    This person pretends to pose for a photo like a celeb then taps a smart board screen to calibrate it
    @ilinx / Via

    Me when my 6th grade math teacher called on me to calibrate her smart board (not #sponsored but @smartboard if you’re watching..)

    ♬ original sound - maddie ✰

    6. Accidentally knocking down your water bottle was EXTRA loud:

    A TikToker accidentally kicks over a metal water bottle and then cringes when it falls down the stairs loudly
    @ryan_macewen / Via

    7. Fire drills in elementary school seemed like chaos:

    This person pretends to be a teacher trying to keep the peace as kids scream during a fire drill
    @karencassssss / Via

    8. Presenting in front of the class was simply anxiety-inducing:

    A TikToker pretends to almost cry then takes a deep breath before giving a presentation
    @thebrok / Via

    9. There was always that one teacher who didn't ~quite~ accept anyone's answers:

    A TikToker pretends to be an unsatisfied teacher saying, "Not quite" and "You're on the right track"
    @flossybaby / Via

    10. The internal battle when you didn't want to do your assignments — but didn't want to fail — was the worst:

    @tremaynevargas / Via

    11. There was always something wrong with the computers in the computer lab:

    This student sits at a computer and says, "This computer doesn't work"
    @kingkennedyhart / Via

    12. Interrupting your teacher during lunch to get homework help was just awkward:

    A teacher almost chokes on their salad after being taken by surprise by a student's visit
    @elijahsowavy/ / Via

    13. The principal checking if the classroom doors were locked might have been the scariest part of a lockdown drill:

    A TikToker pretends to be a principal with the caption "body slams into the door" then says "All clear"
    @kidscole / Via

    @fashionnova fashionnovapartner (comment something you can’t wait to do after quarantine) #dankscole #duet Cred: @boredboykye

    ♬ original sound - DankScole

    It's the clicking of the heels for me.

    14. That dreaded feeling when you walked into class and the chairs were arranged in a circle:

    @h2ven / Via

    15. And finally, asking to go to the bathroom just had to go like this:

    A student says, "Think maybe I can go to the bathroom?" and the teacher corrects them: "May I use the bathroom"
    @bettercallhall / Via