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"This Is How I Feel When..." As Told By Jack From "Will And Grace"

"Kiss it. Kiss it. Spank it."

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I meet someone for the first time

A friend is having a pity party

People make assumptions

People cut me off while driving

I win Words With Friends

My buzzer goes off at Applebees

I have to choose one dessert

People act aggressively

I see someone i'm attracted to

I get a promotion

My date goes well

There is no line for the bathroom

A stranger compliments me

There is a line for the bathroom

I get approved for a loan

I get a new friend request

My crush follows me on instagram

someone retweets me

I untangle my headphones

I hear a hit song from the 90s

I become part of a groupon

pink berry has free samples

My tight pants fit

someone tells a dirty joke

Jennifer Lawrence gives an interview

I meet someone else who follows Amanda Bynes on twitter

a festival ticket is worth the money

I make waffles

someone doesn't like arrested development

I get out early from work

I see a Kardashian on TV

people say they're "Team Breezy"

Someone wishes me a happy birthday

people talk about the new Daft Punk

The sales lady and I get along

People compliment my hair

Someone has the same sign as me

An ex calls or texts me

They call my order at Starbucks

I'm eligible for a phone upgrade

I can't find the right emoticon

My friend's birthday card is returned to my address

The subway jumpstarts

I don't know your name but you know mine

I have to figure out the Tip

I successfully leave without saying goodbye

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