“Parks And Rec” Ice Cream Flavors We Wish Were Real


1. “Sweetums’ Strawberry Swirl”

2. “Ron Swanson’s Whiskey Spiked Eggnog”

3. “JJ’s Whipped Cream and Waffles”

4. “Perkin’s coffee fudge w/ extra cream and 30 packets of sugar”

5. “Jerry Vanilla”

6. “Treat Yo Self B-a-n-a-n-a Split”

7. “Tom Haverford’s Yum Yum Scoop”

8. “Ralphio’s Rum Raisin the Roof”

9. “Lil Sebastian Spumoni-pony”

10. “Donna’s Mint Chocolate Mercedes”

11. “Andy Dwyer’s Rainbow Skittles Sherbet”

12. “April Ludgate’s Sour Sorbet”

13. “Chris Traeger’s trim low-fat protein shake”

14. “Tammy 2’s Toasted Coconut”

15. “Ben’s Rocky Political Road”

16. “Knope’s Napolitian Nut Sundae”

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