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20 AMAZING Arrested Development Vehicles

The Bluth's definitely traveled in style

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1. The Stair Car: Watch out for bridges and hop-ons; you're gonna get some hop- ons.

2. The Segway: Easy Breezy

3. The Bike: Pedal With Caution

Pedal With Caution

Pedal With Caution

4. 2000 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible [C5]: The alternative for "Sweaty Michael"

5. The Banana Car: A Mah-Velous Choice!

6. Mercedes-Benz W126 S-Class: Be sure to check the schedule and leave a note

7. The Cabin: Great for get-a-ways and abductions

8. The C Word: Hop aboard and leave when you are good and ready

9. 1994 Dodge Ram Van: May smell like a big yellow joint

10. The Queen Mary: Steer clear of the protesting pirates.

11. The Mini Cooper: Remember the "right" side is the wrong side. We don't want any bangers on the road, just in the mouth.

12. Balloons: When the Ford Escape is not available

13. The Zip-line: Must be trained by ARMY

14. The Umbrella: An attempt to defy gravity and impress your daughter

15. Horseback: Perfect for two

16. Dragon: Hang On and Carry on

17. The Tractor: To prove you are not a chicken

18. The Jetpack: Objects may be closer than they appear

19. The Forklift: May cause laughter

20. The rickshaw: Perfect exit strategy

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