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    15 Things You Learn While Watching "The Bling Ring"

    "I'm living in that 21st century."

    1. Labels matter.

    2. Don't trust a teenager.

    3. Never announce you are out of town on Twitter.

    4. If your net worth is over a mil, consider hiring a house sitter.

    5. Block your address from public databases.

    6. Don't leave your keys under a mat.

    7. It's stupid to take photo evidence of the swag you stole.

    8. Don't make friends with a klepto.

    9. You may want to rethink homeschooling your kids

    10. Probably shouldn't talk to Vanity Fair if you are under investigation.

    11. Do not leave your pets at home.

    12. Lock your side door.

    13. Dropping names never helps.

    14. MIA and Sleigh Bells make for a great soundtrack.

    15. And finally, Emma Watson nailed the American accent.