15 Signs Your Relationship Is Over, As Told By "Friends"

Dust yourself off and try again!

1. A third party gets involved

2. One of you suggest couples therapy

3. A list of wrongdoings is made

4. Neither of you will apologize

5. When you are being serious and the other person laughs

6. You cannot get through a conversation without a sarcastic eye roll

7. Deep breaths and counting turn into head shakes and cursing

8. Neither of you make good arguments

9. You can’t help but mock each other

10. Your friends fear for their life when you’re together

11. You change their contact to “Don’t Pick Up”

12. You disconnect by unfollowing, untagging, deleting, defriending, and blocking that person on social networks.

13. The last text you sent included the phrase “and another thing”

14. You both stop making the effort

15. And finally you announce to the world

But when it ends, don’t be bitter

Instead, Rejoice!

Enjoy The Single Life

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