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    10 Fun Facts About The Big Bang Theory

    Behind the scenes secrets of the highest rated show on television!

    1. The cast learned how to play the instruments their character was said to have known

    2. The scene where Penny reveals she loves Leonard was shot in one take

    3. Melissa Rauch came up with Bernadette's voice by mimicking her real life mother.

    4. Jim Parsons is responsible for coming up with Sheldon's laugh and smile. The writers left it up to him writing in the script "unpleasant smile" trusting Jim to come up with the ideal characteristic.

    5. "Bazinga" has officially been dubbed a species of bee as a way to honor Sheldon Cooper

    6. The cast and crew surprised the executive producers with a flash mob at the end of a live taping. The dance was choreographed by Kaley Cuoco's sister.

    7. Penny's last name has yet to be said and Kaley is vigilant about it not being revealed by accident.

    8. Actress Kate Micucci originally auditioned for the role of Amy which eventually went to Mayium Bialik. However she impressed the creators so much they called her to play the character of Lucy.

    9. "Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty" came from a pre school teacher who taught the daughter of one of the show's producers. The song originated from Australia.

    10. The staircase featured in the series is actually just one set of stairs. The actors and crew have to reset/ redress the scene to make it look as if the characters are climbing more than one flight.